Transforms Negative Energy

This elegantly aromatic spray mist is perfect for feeling safe and protected at all times. It dispels negative energy coming in from others around you and leaves you feeling free to be open-hearted and fearless. It invites a state of joyful exuberance while simultaneously bringing about a feeling of inner strength and alertness that signals to others that you know who you are and what you are about. It clears over-sensitivity to other’s power over you which can make you feel more vulnerable and open to exploitation. It brings a sense of easy discrimination, immediately  picking up on energy that does not serve you or bode well for you. It helps you to give a clear message at the appropriate time to someone, or others, trying to overwhelm you or take advantage of you. It puts you on (self) loving alert so that instinctively you know how to take appropriate care of yourself, while still staying open and guileless to the world around you. It is a perfect spray mist to heighten a new love relationship by bringing a feeling of inner security during the most vulnerable early stages when you need to lower your guard and dissolve you defences to make way for intimacy.

Diana Goddess of the Hunt is associated with her love of animals and woodland. She befriends animals and tames their savage instincts with her ingenuousness, so that they, bewitched by her sincerity, become her protector and ally. She will teach you to find the animal spirit within, the heart connection to your instinctual side, which you can let free once you feel safe and protected from the inside out. She asks you to open your heart to dance and sing to the moon and to gaze upon the heavens in wonderment. She will bring that calm, sense of safety and heart-centredness that one feels in the forest, with a breath of gentle fragrant wind whispering the soft sounds of nature. Her energy is calming, liberating, reassuring and comforting. With her influence we can feel free to open up to who we really are, without fear, for fear is the delicate gatekeeper of the heart.

Ingredients: Spirit of Woman Flower Essences of Ajuga, Cordyline, Lantana and Storm Lily, Sacred Earth Crystal Essences of Moldavite and Celestite, Organic Essential Oils ofJasmine, Lavender and Sandalwood, natural preservative and purified water.

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Goddess Diana Protection can be used, for example:                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Diana Spray Mist

  • in the beginning stages of a new relationship
  • before embarking on a relationship, even if there is no-one in the wings
  • during a breakup
  • if you are being harassed by someone you have no interest in
  • during a rough patch in a relationship when the intimate connection seems to have evaporated
  • in the workplace if you are feeling vulnerable, used or manipulated
  • when you are feeling left out by your friends
  • if you are feeling estranged from your family of origin