Divinely Feminine

Enhances Body Image

Goddess Venus Divinely Feminine is a beautiful blend of flower essences, essential oils and crystal essences that celebrate the feminine in all of us, men as well as women. Said to have sprung from the foam of the sea, Venus is the embodiment of feminine love in mythology. It is through her various guises, depicted in the many legends that describe her, that we see the depth and layers of the feminine psyche she so artfully embodies. She was wife of Vulcan and lovers to Mars and Adonis. She walked amongst the Gods, each of whom desired her, charmed by her beauty and grace.

Venus represents the heart and love in all its expressions, epitomising the feminine nature of love: transcendental, love of self, passionate love, love for the family, amorous love, compassion or universal love.

 Goddess Venus Divinely Feminine calls on women to tap into the powerful archetypal energy imprinted into their biological design and to wield it, in their lives, with a velvet glove. Women’s magnetic attraction, written into their inheritance, leads the masculine in the dance of life. The conscious use of this potent energy, when coming from the heart, underpins the self-image of all healthy, happy women and enhances their relationships.

Ingredients: Spirit of Woman Essences of Blue Mink, Red Kamala and Wild Iris, Sacred Earth Crystal essnces of Rose Quartz, Pink Kunzite and Pink Tourmaline, Organic Essential Oils of Pink Grapefruit, Rose, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, natural preservative and pure spring water.

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Goddess Venus Divinely Feminine can be used for example:

  • for someone with ‘weight issues’ who carries the ‘mental weight’ of being either ‘overweight’ or ‘underweight’ – it helps reframe your self-image and regain control of your body                                                                       Venus Spray Mist
  • for a person who dislikes any part or all of their body –  it helps you to love your body
  • for someone who feels timid and shy in their sexuality and is uncomfortable with their own or another’s touch – it opens you up to explore your sexuality safely
  • for a person who may feel dirty or unclean around feminine body functions or following an unwanted sexual encounter – it assists in letting go of old thought patterns of self-degradation
  • for infertility –  it helps you to relax into your sexuality which opens you like a flower to fall pregnant 

To use: Mist all around your body, heart and head with closed eyes. Breathe in deeply.