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Essence of Woman

One Day Workshop Series

Divine Feminine softness

Understanding the physical, emotional and mental well-being of women is an expanding field of interested in the areas of mind-body medicine, neuroscience, healing and mental health. There is a growing awareness that women are phenomenally wise and have extraordinary life-skills built into their biological design that serve them faithfully when they are in touch with their intrinsic being.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your relationship fulfilling your expectations? Do you feel stifled?  Do you feel less intelligent, less in-control or less worthy than your partner?
  • Do you suffer from female health problems? Do you experience anxiety about your body? Are you afraid to go out because you don’t like your body?
  • Do you experience feelings of lack of confidence?  Do you avoid doing things and going places? Do you feel inadequate in the workplace or that you are disrespected?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may need to reconnect with your feminine intelligence and reclaim your Self.

The feminine principles of co-operation, sharing, nurturing, supporting and conservation are uniquely inscripted into female biology, aligning women with the primary forces of life itself.   The feminine gender has been entrusted by Nature itself with the responsibility of carrying the baton of evolution through to the next generation. However, many women have become disconnected from their feminine core and, as a consequence, with the natural functioning of their bodies. The more dissociated they become, the more disempowered they are.

This disconnection has occurred in direct association with the rise and dominance of the masculine principles of striving for prestige, dominance and territorial boundaries which established competition, separation and rational thought as far superior values to the  innate ways that females function, feel, intuit, think and relate. In a cultural context, many women have consequently felt like round pegs in a square hole.  Furthermore, the old feminist movement did no service to women as it called for stepping into men’s shoes to be more like them, rather than standing in their own power and radiating the energy of their own biological inscription: magnetism and quiescence!!!

However, the truth is – we are different to men in values, behaviours, attitudes and what we want from our lives, and that does not make us less worthy.

The ‘new’ feminism – the call for now – is that women to step into their own incredible power, by valuing who they are and seeking to create a world for themselves, their partners, children, colleagues, friends and society at large, that reflects the feminine principles of sharing, caring connection and compassion.

In the Essence of Woman Workshop Serieswomen will learn to listen to your own truth, and allow the immense power surge that accompanies acknowledging and living in alignment with your feminine core.

Men will learn to better understand and dovetail into the feminine psyche whilst retaining, upholding and engaging your own potent masculine spirit.

By understanding the energetic dynamics of gender differences women and men can enjoy greater mutual respect, intimacy and personal freedom in their primary relationship, satisfying their deepest human needs for connection, whilst retaining their own sovereignty.

The mini workshops are based on my book The Essence of Woman, bringing the latest and most up-to-date information available to you so that you can take control of your life, your relationships and step into your power as a woman. To read reviews on The Essence of Woman book click here.


The Essence of Woman One Day Workshop Series is a cosy and nourishing gathering where information is imparted, shared and experienced. The workshop is interwoven with the 30 Spirit of Woman Essence Blends that support the journey of awakening to the beauty of the Divine Feminine within, which enables balanced optimal expression of innate gender differences.


The workshop dates for 2017: 

Workshop 1 – The Divine Feminine –  14th October, 2017 

Workshop 2 – The Essence of Relationships –  (tba)

Workshop 3 – Parenting from the Heart –  (tba)


The venue for Workshop 1 –  The Divine Feminine is:


127 Archer St


Workshops 2 and 3 will be convened when there are sufficient people to run each workshop. Please contact me on annie@spiritofwomanessences.com if you would like to register interest.

The cost of Workshop 1 Essence of Woman One Day Workshop  is $85.00 for the day (includes morning and afternoon tea). We bring lunch to share.

Earlybird price  (that is book and pay up to two weeks ahead) for this workshop is $80.00. To book click here


Now read on to get an idea of what each workshop is about….

Workshop 1

The Divine Feminine



Topics covered include:

  • an exploration of what it means to be a woman physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and how we operate from all these levels at all times, whether we are aware of it or not. 
  • the Spirit of Woman Flower Essence Blends that support women to stand in their power and enjoy being who they are: Body Love, Me Myself I, Vital Energy, Woman Worth, Wise Woman and more……
  • how Nature has programmed us with endurance, emotional and intuitive strength that surpasses that of our gender opposite, because we carry the baton of evolution for the human race
  • how the structural, genetic, hormonal, chemical and functional brain differences between women and men, cause both genders to use different brain circuitry to accomplish the same goals and tasks
  • how variations in basic structure give rise to perceptual differences between the sexes, resulting in vast dissimilarities in the behaviour and life experiences of women and men
  • how to honour and love our biology, psychology and emotional expression because when we disown it, we become emotionally alienated from ourselves, dysfunctional and physically and mentally sick
  • some fun ways to reclaim our femininity and to express it in our own unique style
  • powerful techniques to express our needs so that we are heard, acknowledged and responded to, rather than being dismissed, devalued or denied
  • how to keep our hearts open to express our true nature as women
  • how to tap into the sexy, articulate, caring woman you are programmed to be, and
  • how to love your body and become a magnet to the men in your life (whether there yet or not!)

If you would like to kick arse as a woman, in the most loving way, this workshop is for you. 

Workshop 2

The Essence of Relationships


Topics covered include:

  • how the basic human template is actually female and that maleness arises due to masculizing hormones that flood the foetus causing it to become male
  • how you were further programmed as a female from six months of age when feminising hormones circulated through your toddler’s body for 18 months
  • how you were fully feminised at puberty which permanently altered your physical body, your perception of reality, including your moods, desires and values and morphed your mind to think in a certain way
  • how male biological programming, under the influence of testosterone, creates a constant and steady neurological state, unlike your own which changes day to day, moment to moment, under the influence of feminising hormones
  • how variations in biology give rise to perceptual differences between the sexes, resulting in vast dissimilarities in the behaviour and life experiences of women and men
  • how women and men not only view sex differently, but have opposite needs, and want completely different outcomes from sexual encounters with their beloved
  • how your relationship can flounder when you don’t understand these differences
  • how your relationship can fulfill your greatest yearnings for love and connection, when you stand in your power as a woman and let your man be a man
  • how men withdraw from love when we constantly criticise and demean them
  • how women misinterpret men’s silence and emotional containment; and
  • how great sex and deep intimacy can bring the greatest boost to your health and immunity.



Workshop 3

Parenting from the Heart

Mary 1

Topics covered include:

  • natural health for women by owning our feminine biological inscription
  • the causes of infertility physically, emotionally and psychologically
  • becoming naturally fertile easily and gracefully
  • pregnancy – shaping your baby for optimum whole health from within the womb
  • blessed birthing and how Nature has programmed this natural process with all the triggers for optimum health and well-being for both you and your baby
  • healing the caesarean wound – how to heal your baby and your self if you were unable to birth naturally
  • bathing in the afterglow’ – confident parenting from the start by tapping into your inner feminine intelligence
  • parenting from the heart – how baby develops physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically and how you can optimise baby’s health and well-being while maintaining your sanity
  • filling the empty nest – what is your next creative process
  • your grown children will be your best friends………..