Annie Meredith has taken many years to bring her essences to the world. Until about ten years ago, she had never had any particular ambition to develop any flower essences, even though she had been working for many years teaching about flower essences in Australia and around the world.

During a meditation one day she received a calling that surprised her. She developed a dry throat that was uncomfortable for the entire meditation. This unusual sensation persisted and deepened over a sequence of meditations for the next few months.

Curious as to why this was occurring, Annie went within to ask why her throat went dry and she was swallowing involuntarily, when she was in her deep meditative state.

The answer came back strong and clear: "Because you are the voice of the flowers, and you need to speak for them". That message was repeated many times over the next few years but Annie still had no clear vision that she should be making up flower essences. She was occupied with the first draft of her book, The Essence of Woman, and successfully ignored the calling. It wouldn’t be ignored forever though.

One day, around 2000, she was enjoying the quiet on the veranda of her Mt Nebo property in Queensland. She recalls a heightened awareness of the Native Hibiscus flowering around her house. "They were everywhere, but I’d never really noticed them much. But that day I was so drawn to the distorted nature of the flower. It reminded me so strongly of how my daughter Grace was really suffering with menstrual cramps. I made the essence immediately, and it eased her cramps; and it seemed to open her mind to easily accepting and talking about her experience with menstruation – the moods, any pain, and so on."

Annie was aware that Mt Nebo was a ‘yin-of-yin’ area of Australia, a traditional birthing place for the Aboriginal women who had lived in the area. It has always had a strong feminine energy expressed through its tranquility and beauty. Annie had always responded intuitively to call of the flowers in her garden when they need watering or were being strangled by an overbearing vine.

Making the Native Hibiscus essence was the creative spark she needed that catapulted her into a summer of listening to the increasingly-loud call of the flowers, and capturing their essence.

"I’d hear a call, "Oi, Oi!" and sometimes the flower was deep in the bush. I’d quickly change into my rough clothes and head off into the bush to find the flower that wanted to be heard. Sometimes they’d shriek at me, as I was driving down the mountain, causing me to stop the car and head off into the dense vegetation to find them!"

Interestingly to Annie, many of the flowers are classified as weeds, which are nature’s natural protectors of the earth in many ways. Many are also imports to Australia from other countries, just like many of our people.

"Really, a weed is just a flower which has had a prejudice applied to it – one person’s weed is another person’s glory. Which is interesting to me, because in some ways, women have not been valued as powerful in their own right for a long time. Now our understanding of how we need to value our planet’s resources is changing, as well as our understanding of the unique differences between men and women, just as the planet is moving into the more feminine energies. These flower essences are strong carriers of feminine energy."

For some time Annie has used the essences in her clinic, with wonderful results. Yet it wasn’t until 2009 that she felt the time was right to launch the essences. "I wasn’t hell-bent on producing flower essences as a burning ambition. However, in hindsight, I can see that I was being pushed, shoved, cajoled, lead and prodded, for years.

Finally the time is right. I’ve had wonderful help to bring these out: angelic guidance, devic energy and the right people appearing at the right time, to support the launch of these beautiful essences."

And that time is June 21, 2009, the Winter Solstice, the most yin-female day of the year in terms of the march of the seasons. If you’d like to be invited to the live launch celebration event, or join the launch teleconference on the evening of June 21, please complete your details below.



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