How Does Astrology Work

Your natal chart reveals the position of the planets and asteroids in their astrological signs and by aspect to each other, at the time of your birth. 

The planet or asteroid represents the type of energy expressed by an individual, while the signs in which they are placed reveals how the energy is expressed.  

The angles made by planetary points to each other are known as aspects.  Aspects can be life-affirming (your talents and natural abilities) or challenging (lessons in life to be overcome).

Natal Chart

The aspects in the natal chart reveal core beliefs which impact on the individual.  Often a challenging transit to that aspect brings up issues involved with that belief, and the timing to resolve and heal it.  Crisis Calm essence blend is essential to have on hand for these situations. 

Just as we inherit our genes from family, there is an astrological inheritance in the planetary aspects.  Our emotional patterning, physical and psychological dispositions can be tracked through the family tree.  Pink Shamrock is a wonderful essence for clearing hereditary patterns indicated by the chart aspects. 

Flower essence therapy is a wonderful modality to work with the astrological diagnostic model (the natal chart).  For difficult planetary aspects in the natal chart which need to be recognised and dealt, they work brilliantly, supporting the person to attain a shift in consciousness,  and encouraging the unfoldment of the inherent potential of the individual –  emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. 


In astrological terms, the word transit is used to describe the journey of a planet/asteroid through a sign of the zodiac.  It is also the term used to explain planetary position when it is forming an angle to a natal planet or chart point. The impact of transits to the birth chart, and therefore the life of the person experiencing them, is to bring about change of some kind. 

The key word for a transit is timing.  They activate the potential inherent in the birth chart.

Some transits are easy and positive, where energy flows and the individual enjoys the cosmic ride.  Others can be extremely challenging and life experiences and situations are confronting and testing.  It is the tough transits which motivate us to take personal responsibility and implement necessary changes in order to attain personal growth and self-development on many levels.  

 Taking essences prior to major transits allows the inner work and healing to begin beforehand, by activating awareness and understanding.  Therefore the experience of the transit has the potential to be used more constructively.  Essences used during intense transits assist the person deal with the major events and situations arising from the challenge.

Having Your Chart Done

Our resident astrologer Charyn McLean has a wealth of experience and abundant intuitive understanding of Astrology and how it can affect your life. And she shares it so generously and personally. Author of our e-Book Astrology and Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences, Charyn will do your chart for you as an email, phone or personal face-to-face consultation. To consult with Charyn click here

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