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Human consciousness is undergoing a rapid transformation, an expression the evolutionary drive inscripted into the biology of all living beings.

Known by many as The Shift or the Ascension, this tipping point of the inexorable push to better life expression has been encoded into the very structure of our physical bodies and into the planetary bodies that make up our solar system. In fact, it has been described as a quantum leap in the evolution of Humankind. Many astrologers are watching the heavens and recognising the signs of imminent and powerful progress and linking these indicators with the completion of the Mayan Calendar as evidence of a major change in the state of affairs on this planet and in the universe at large.

Over the past sixty years, human society has been through what can only be described as a revolution in living. This has occurred in the wake of the monumental changes in awareness of the world we live in and how we manipulate our environment. Our knowledge base has increased many-fold with the advent of increased travel, communications, and television, the internet and mobile phones. Most of us nowadays have the same amount of information on our home computers as was once contained in world libraries! If we include what is available to us through our search engines, there is no comparison. We have multiplied our knowledge base as individuals, way beyond what could ever have been imagined only sixty years ago.

Access to knowledge raises our awareness of ourselves and of the world around us. In other words, increasing knowledge raises human consciousness. The speed at which knowledge has been made available to humanity has led to a sharp, swift increase in mass consciousness over the past sixty years (a quantum leap). Additionally, the more knowledge we have the more quickly we can tap into further knowledge. Consequently, consciousness is shifting so rapidly that we are all now able to see the changes and often experience overwhelm because the Shift is coming so thick and fast.

In the old world, governments controlled the masses by keeping them ignorant. But the technological advances of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century mean that no longer are the ‘little’ people being left out of the loop. This means more transparency in government, business and organizations such as the churches, the medical and the legal systems as people question authority from an informed base.

A New Reality is emerging arising from the grass roots level. A higher level of consciousness is more available to more of the people, more of the time and becoming increasingly so. Freed of the tyranny of ‘authority knows best’ many people are drawing on their own inner knowledge base to make decisions about their own lives and about the way that society is meeting their needs.

In the New Reality the individual matters. This is because as conscious individuals we are beginning to realize that we have as much right to planetary resources, peaceful existence, freedom of thought and feeling and the ability to create the life we want as those who have assumed the right to have more, and be more, than their fellow humans. This inequality was perpetrated through wealth and privilege and a tight hold on the knowledge base that existed in the world. With the shift of the knowledge base, more people are now evaluating the terms of their own happiness and contentedness and questioning the world outside of themselves for what it has to offer them and their loved ones. A plundered world is devoid of the resource to support life, so the question is, how can we create a world that is life-enhancing and life sustaining? And the answer is in changing the way that we think.

In the New Reality, success will be measured not by the wealth you have but by how much capacity for joy is in your life – both in your inner and outer worlds. Increased consciousness brings the realization that life is for living now, not in some distant time when we will be ‘ready’ to do the things we love and cherish. That day will never come. There is no room for greed when we live fully in the now.

One of the most important understandings of the New Reality, validated by ‘new science’, is the notion that we create our own reality. We do this by the power of our own thoughts. Thoughts are high frequency energy (known as thought forms), which have the capacity to manipulate and shape the lower frequency energy of our environment. When our thoughts are clear and aligned with our desires they create an energy force that gathers together and orchestrates the energies of the universe to create new realities. This means that what we think and how we feel right now is creating our future. If we are busy ‘getting there’ and never arriving, in our day-to-day thoughts, then we are creating the reality that we will never ‘get’ what we want.

For just a moment, I ask that you imagine the power of thought to change the world when many people across the globe are thinking similarly or in the same way. With the increase in knowledge base, and the recognition that we can create our own reality, many individuals are seeking joy in the here and now. So mass consciousness is changing ….and rapidly! The critical element is the number of people thinking these thoughts. So, you and your thoughts do matter. You can change the world by changing your thoughts.

When we embrace this change in our day-to-day lives we infuse it with a heart-centred reality that dissolves worry, anxiety and stress, simply because these emotions reflect our addiction to the past or future. The past and future dissolve when we focus on the present. We also lose that sinking feeling that time is speeding up and leaving us behind when we focus instead on the magic of the moment.

Remember to breathe – it brings you into the now. Open your heart to your inner dialogue and stay tuned in – you are your best judge of what you need right here and now.

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