The Essence of Woman, by Annie Meredith is compelling reading and a must for women in all stages of life from womb to tomb, helping them align with the vital primary forces of life which are the principles of co-operation, sharing, nurturing, supporting and conservation. These values are uniquely inscripted into female biology, driving both their psychology and physical functioning.

Many women have become disconnected from their feminine core and, as a consequence, from the natural functioning of their bodies. The more dissociated they become, the more disempowered they are.

When women return to the source of their power and reconnect with their feminine intelligence, they become empowered and as nature intended them to be: sexy, articulate, intuitive, feeling and healing, and compassionately compelled to seek quality connection with those in their intimate circle. After all it is they who carry the baton of life force energy through to the next generation.

In so doing, a woman enhances her own health and vitality, uplifts her primary relationships and ensures the wellbeing of her children, the planet and the human race.

In reading this enlightening book, as women you will learn how to listen to the whisperings of your own inner truth, thus allowing the immense power surge that accompanies acknowledging and living in alignment with your feminine core.

As men you will learn to better understand and dovetail into the soft undulations of the feminine psyche whilst retaining, upholding and engaging your own potent masculine spirit. 

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                            Options Magazine – 2009

Designed to encourage woman in their inherent nature, The Essence of Woman is a beautifully woven narrative and exploration of womanhood through the perspectives of traditional energetic Chinese Medicine and modern health therapies.

Delving into the basis of relationships, drives, emotions and motivations, The Essence of Woman maps the inherent biology of a woman, their physical and emotional health when facilitating a new generation, and ultimately the honoured journey into mature age.

Annie Meredith writes to inspire, empower and encourage women to embrace that which they were biologically designed to be, but where modern pressures, expectations and the biologically-encoded desire to co-operate, has forced women away from their true essence.

Uplifting and enchanting, Annie’s gentle and inspirational guidance will cause women to honour their natural body-mind processes.

The Essence of Woman

Book Review by Alex Webley  – Insight Magazine, July 2010

This wonderful book is essential reading for both women and men.  It answers a broad range of real-life questions about being a woman, women’s issues and the essence of being a woman. Biological, spiritual and physical aspects are addressed in a scholarly, but very readable and easily understood way.  The author writes from 30 years of practical experience in energy medicine.  This book will help women understand key wisdom, become empowered, live harmoniously with their body-mind, and become more positive and authentic.  Male readers will profit from a much deeper understanding of women and women’s issues, thus becoming empowered to be more supportive of women.

 The Essence of Women

By Marie Matthews – Australian Bush Flower Essence Newsletter – July edition, 2008

Annie Meredith has recently launched her eagerly awaited book ‘The Essence of Women’.  She has drawn on her long-term work in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Australian Bush Essences and her own life experience to present a very readable, informative and inspiring publication.  In this book Annie takes the reader through the many stages of being a woman giving case histories and practical suggestions about living life to the fullest at all times. She brings in recent research into the female psyche and looks into the way that women relate with others – particularly their long term partners and children. In the introduction she writes, “When we translate the world around us into energetic terms, we can better understand our intrinsic nature and that of our counterparts – men.  Being polar opposites, women and men are meant to be different.”

This publication is of great help to women who want to understand what makes them tick both physically and emotionally. It is of equal interest to men who would benefit from such knowledge about the women in their lives, and also learn a lot about how they, as men, react or respond to the people close to them.  

 ‘The Essence of Women’ can be read cover to cover or it can dipped into at any time as women experience different aspects of being who they are.  It is a wonderful reference book for any health practitioner. The information presented gives a deep understanding of the energetic states behind many emotional, physical and behavioural anomalies.  The book is well indexed making it easy to look up subjects of interest.

The book is beautifully presented and would be a useful and enjoyable addition to any personal library and a wonderful gift for any woman at any time in her life.

The Essence of Woman

By Ruth Parnel – Nexus magazine Vol 15, No.6  October/November 2008 edition

Woman in all her glory is praised, explained and encouraged in Annie Meredith’s sensitive assessment, The Essence of Woman. With 30 years of experience of energy medicine to guide her, Meredith is well-equipped to impart practical knowledge and wisdom on the inherent nature of women. The female principle, she says, permeates a woman’s life in her behaviour, physiology, emotions, cognition, expression, relationships and so much more, but it can be better understood when we translate the world and the people around us into energetic terms.

This holistic perspective on a woman’s life covers energetic polarities and sexuality (including differences between the sexes and hard-wiring of the brain), pregnancy and birth, puberty, menstruation, motherhood and growing old gracefully. It merges ancient wisdom with new physics and heralds an emerging consensus that we are all interconnected at an energetic level.
Annie Meredith celebrates a woman’s nurturing role: by tending to herself, her children, her relationships and the planet, she supports humanity’s highest potential.

She also explains the seven-year cycles of growth and development that dominate a woman’s physical growth and explores how ‘e-motions’ are experienced differently between the sexes. She includes no-holds barred details for women of any age, answering pressing questions that are often asked in key stages of a life’s journey.

The Essence of Woman book was edited by Sarah Cete Press

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