The chakras are fully developed by the time an infant is born, but they activate at different times during our lives, depending on the developmental milestones we are experiencing as we grow. In fact the sequential activation of the chakras can be likened to the developmental template programmed to guide our growth potential and to trigger the physical body to enter the next appropriate phase of growth and development.

In the last post we looked at Chakra One – the chakra that governs physical survival, maintenance of the body, practicality and family (tribal) connections. It stands to reason that this chakra would be activated during gestation and for a short time after birth (up to six months) as this is the time when the physical body is being laid down, and the infant survives by being cared for within the family unit (tribe). Similarly much of our programming about feeling comfortable in our body and having a sense of mastery about our physical world stems from this early time.

Chakra Two is activated during the infancy/baby phase of 6 months to 2.5 years. This is a phase of deep intimacy with the mother through breast-feeding, being held in-arms, cuddled and deeply connected. We learn how to be comfortable with physical closeness and intimacy with another human being through this early skin-to-skin contact and learn how to closely connect on the emotional level as well, through being merged with our mother during our babyhood. We haven’t learned yet that we have individual needs apart from those that involve survival, comfort, connection and safety. Throughout this phase we only just begin to realise that we are separate from the other and that we are different.

The same dynamic is playing out later on in life in our intimate sexual relationship, when, in the sexual act, we come together as one, and then pull apart to experience difference.

On the emotional level we do the same in our ‘significant’ intimate relationship. We merge, and experience togetherness, then we separate out and experience separateness. These cycles of merging and separation allow us by comparison, to begin to know who we are and, as importantly, who we are not.

We therefore begin to define ourselves in relation to the other. Through flexibility and change, we start to learn who we really are and who we are not. Growth, movement and life arise from this centre. The Sacral centre links strongly with the Fifth or Throat chakra, the centre for creative expression.

Chakra Two has long been associated with creativity and sexual expression. Located just above the pubic bone, it corresponds to the region where the spinal chord generates the neuropeptides responsible for innervating our sexual organs. Sex is the most fundamental expression of human creativity. Often sexuality issues stem back to the time in early babyhood when our needs for emotional closeness were not met.

A childhood issue does not necessarily mean however, that we are doomed to a life of sexual barrenness or emotional conflict. Emotional freedom is the keynote of this chakra and by releasing our submerged feelings we flow more easily and gracefully into appropriate sexual expression. By bringing your deepest feelings into awareness, whatever those feelings are, owning them and allowing them to be expressed, we prevent over-merging with others and taking on board feelings which are not ours. In this way, we master our emotions by taking responsibility for only those that are our own and, consequently, travel the journey more lightly.

Again, to get an idea of how balanced your Sacral (Chakra Two) chakra is, answer the questions below. There is no right or wrong, just an awareness of how well you express your Sacral Chakra……


How would you rate your ability to express emotions?

How would you rate your sex life?

How often do you show nurturing for others?

Do you allow yourself to relax and seek pleasure in the form of movies, hot tubs, sensual pleasures or food in a nonaddictive way?

How would you rate your physical flexibility?

How would you rate your emotional flexibility?

Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences help to restore balance and clear distortions to the chakras. They do this powerfully but gently by re-attuning you to your best possible expression, assisting you to make decisions in your life that are life-affirming and healing.

For example, Red Kamala helps to re-balance the Sacral (second) chakra by encouraging sexual freedom (emotionally), renews interest in sex, assists flexibility, eases back pain and inspires creativity. It is the perfect essence for opening up to the creative energy that is our basic birthright, but which we often suppress because we  hold our feelings in and forget to ‘go with the flow’.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to optimise your potential by re-balancing your chakras come along to our Spirit of Woman Workshop series. We explore the chakras in depth and how they affect your life when they are out of balance, including the five newer chakras that have opened up recently in human beings as the consciousness of the planet shifts into a higher gear. To find out more click here.

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