Chakra Three – The Solar Plexus

Chakra Three activates between the ages of 2.5 to 4.5 years and then re-activates in seven year cycles to enable us to remake decisions made in our first cycle before we had developed the wisdom of maturity that is sequentially programmed into our energetic template to guide our physical, psychological and emotional growth.

In the last post, we explored the Second Chakra which is concerned with our human need for closeness, intimacy and connection and which teaches us how to alternatively merge and pull apart easily, as circumstances dictate. It helps us to manage cycles of merging and separation and enables the process of understanding our differences to appreciate our uniqueness.

Chakra Three is related to the element of Fire and this energy centre is often described as providing the ‘fire in the belly’ which transforms and transmutes, creating the energy fuel that animates and drives all human processes including metabolism, emotional mastery and psychological strength (mental).

Fire is the element that warms, transforms matter to heat, light and waste ( e.g. a log of wood is transformed to warmth, light and ash), moves and energises (e.g. activates molecules in water to bring it to the boil).  It takes fire energy to transform food into energy to be used as a day-to-day basis for the functional capacity of the organ systems of the body. In psychological terms, it relates to personal power and will, it enables emotional intelligence and appropriateness, and in our outer lives, it is the realm of action.

As food, converted to energy, is the fuel for the body, then it follows that the more efficient the conversion process, the more available quality energy is for the whole body. Moreover, the more functional this centre is, the more the person is able to discern the quality of the food intake ie. good healthy food rather than Macca’s!).

It relates to the emotions associated with a healthy self-esteem, personal power, confidence and a sense of safety in the world in which we live. The roles of the ‘victim’ and the ‘persecutor’ come in here. The victim has not been able to assert their personal power and be ‘magicians’ in their world, while the persecutor dominates and bullies others to keep themselves safe, because otherwise they feel powerless.

Good clear, coherent thinking is the result of a well functioning digestive system. When this system is impaired, thinking will be fuzzy, distorted, anxious, obsessive or deranged. A regular, good diet supports the digestive system that in turn delivers balanced and clear thinking. This chakra is the first level of the intellect – rational, logical and factual thinking.

The consciousness relating to this chakra is about having the radiant energy to impact the world beyond the self. So it is about personal power – being able to relate in the environment successfully, and to manage our own passions – not by controlling them but by shaping them and using them to direct and fuel our will. The will arises out of the choices we make , driven by desire and directed into the world. The will, our vitality, is the outward expression of the aware soul.

So Chakra Three is associated with issues of personal power. And personal power directly relates to the strength of the digestive system. The neuropeptides most active in the solar plexus region regulate digestion and absorption. The organs of digestion are located in this energetic region, including the stomach, pancreas, liver and gall bladder. Recognizing the power to accept or reject food is an infant’s first expression of personal control.

It is at this chakra (level of awareness) that we have the power to transform ourselves from one state of being into the next. For example, someone wanting to give up smoking would be assured of success by strengthening the energy of the Solar Plexus. One way to do that would be for that person to pay attention to their diet by focusing on nourishing and healthy food, eaten regularly and in a peaceful environment!

Again, to get an idea of how balanced your Solar Plexus (Chakra Three) chakra is, answer the questions below. There is no right or wrong, just an awareness of how well you express your Solar Plexus Chakra……



How would you rate your sense of personal power?

How would you rate the effectiveness of your will?

How would you rate your daily energy levels?

How would you rate your metabolism?

Do you accomplish what you set out to do?

Do you feel confident?

Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences help to restore balance and clear distortions to the chakras. They do this powerfully but gently by re-attuning you to your best possible expression, assisting you to make decisions in your life that are life-affirming and healing.

For example, Cassia helps to re-balance the Solar Plexus chakra by assisting us to move out of victim roles and to assume responsibility for our decisions. It assists in letting go of old belief systems (reprogramming old scripts) that no longer work for us. It helps us to transform our lives in ways that align with our unique soul purpose and to feel empowered to act on decisions we have made that support our best expression. Cassia is affectionately known as the ‘Resurrection Essence’ because it helps us to call back the parts of our soul that we have given away in an attempt to fit in with the people in the world around us.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to optimise your potential by re-balancing your chakras come along to our Spirit of Woman Workshop series. We explore the chakras in depth and how they affect your life when they are out of balance, including the five newer chakras that have opened up recently in human beings as the consciousness of the planet shifts into a higher gear. To find out more click here.




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