Chakra Four – The Heart

Chakra Four activates between the ages of 4.5 to 6.5 years and again as with the earlier chakras, re-activates in seven-year cycles to allow us remake decisions made in our first cycle that no longer work for us. As an example, we would re-face heart issues at age 17, again at ages 24, 32, 39, 46, 53, 60, 67, 74 and so on.

Following on from the individuation phase addressed by the third chakra we now move into becoming aware of people around us and start to ‘get ‘ the notion of connection and acceptance of other’s in our world as we come into the energy of the heart.

The heart chakra is located in the central pivotal place between the three chakras of the lower self and the three charkas of the higher self. As the core of the chakra system, it is the inner spirit that unites all the other forces above and below – above the mental realms and below the worldly/practical chakras.

It relates to the element air and represents a move away from the physical world of matter to the softer, deeper touch of the spirit – we transcend our ego and begin the dance of our place within the web of life – we begin to realize we are a part of something much greater than ourselves.

Its function is to experience the soul expression of love felt deep within as a state of being that expands out to embrace everything we encounter. It is a joyous acceptance of our place among all things, and of a deep peace that comes from lack of need and harmony within the self.

The love that relates to this chakra has an enduring deep quality that is eternal and constant. This is the love that radiates throughout all of existence, the binding force which holds all the building blocks of life together.

On a physical level this energy centre relates to the heart and lungs and the circulation of blood and qi (energy) throughout the body.

It relates to the emotions of love, connectedness, compassion, tolerance, acceptance, loving-kindness,  and when it is out of balance it creates an inability to feel, greed, self-limitation and meanness.

When this centre is in balance, thinking is clear and coherent and unaffected by disturbed emotions and behaviour is at all times appropriate to the occasion. There is an awareness of others that moderates how we act out in the world.

The consciousness of the heart chakra is that of balancing the mind and body, thought and feeling aspects of our being, and our inner world with that which is outside of us. Connectedness and relationships with others is fostered by loving-kindness. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the heart is the residence for the Shen or spirit and is responsible for our ability to think with conscious awareness. Higher Conscious awareness knows that ‘All is Love’. When we operate out of the heart we live in a state of loving kindness, acceptance and tolerance of all other beings. This is the lesson we are being called upon to learn as the planet goes through the Shift of the Ages.

This is the chakra where in relationships, mature love is able to flourish, as the balance between individuality and loving another is maintained and sustained. It involves the love that endures in a state of grace, delicacy, and gentleness, as distinct from the love of Chakra Two, which is related to sexuality.

Here the profound connection between the self and others is embraced as a unifying force that benefits all. It is constant and enduring and does not falter when the chips are down. It is unconditional and does not focus on what one is receiving, but rather what one is giving. It does not control, but rather lets things be the way they are based in the profound heart wisdom that everything is unfolding perfectly as it should.

It also involves the act of Self-love. When we love ourselves we totally accept ourselves for who we are. The love of the self is not a selfish act, but one that is crucial to our health and well-being. The thymus gland is the associated gland for the heart chakra and plays a large part in the immune response of the body. Psycho-neuro-immunology is the study of how our emotional state impacts on the immunological responses in the body. Researchers have demonstrated in clinical studies that the moment we have a negative self-thought the output from the thymus gland, which delivers T-helper cells into the blood, drops dramatically, reducing significantly the capability of appropriate immune response to an outside influence.It seems that we are programmed to love ourselves into a state of health and well-being!!

It is this chakra that is being activated, on a higher level, in all of us at the moment, as Mother Earth goes through her changes. We are being called upon to have compassion for others caught up in the drama and tragedy of the geo-physical and political turmoil on the Planet. We are also being challenged to remain in a state of calm acceptance that ‘all will be well’ and to broadcast these healing energies out to the world at large, so that we don’t collectively descend into a state of panic.

What it takes, is to consciously weed out thoughts of panic and replace them with an intention to add love to the world.

To do this, imagine a ball of Light Energy about 300 mm above your head and then download it into your heart space  by imagining it pouring into your chest cavity. When your chest is filled up, just hold it there and then, using your powerful imagination, close your eyes and ‘see’ the planet in your mind’s eye, suspended in front of you. On the next out-breath, vigorously propel the energy within your heart towards the image of the planet and allow it to ‘envelope’ the globe. Do this three times and you have finished.

This is a powerful means of activating your heart chakra to assist in the pain and fear that is occurring on a planetary level in such places as Japan, Libya and other Middle Eastern countries, Christchurch and North Queensland as people struggle with the aftermath of the natural and man-made disasters that are part of the Mother Earth’s mighty Shift into a new consciousness.

Believe it… powerfully contribute to the world’s pain by the strength of your intention and the act of directing energy through your heart.

To get an idea of how balanced your Heart Chakra(Chakra Four) is, answer the questions below. There is no right or wrong, just an awareness of how well you express your Heart Chakra in your daily life……


How often do you feel happy?

How would you rate your ability to make friends?

Do you love yourself?

Do you feel connected with the world around you?

Do you have successful long-term relationships?

Do you feel in harmony with your present situation?

Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences help to restore balance and clear distortions to the chakras. They do this powerfully but gently by re-attuning you to your best possible expression, assisting you to make decisions in your life that are life-affirming and healing.


Storm Lily

For example the Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essence Storm Lily activates a positive expression of the Heart Chakra by restoring calm after a shock, brings back a state of balance after trauma, cleanses toxic shock, reclaims equilibrium and settles fear in adults and children. Storm Lily is one of the essences in the blend Crisis Calm which assists in all emergencies and helps to restore calm and balance after a ‘storm’, be it physical, emotional or mental. This beautiful little Lily only flowers after a storm…it does so in response to the electrical energy in the atmosphere that accompanies stormy weather.

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