Chakra 6 – the Third Eye

Chakra 6 activates between the ages of 8.5 to 14 years and then every seven years starting at 19. At this age again we have the opportunity to revisit this chakra and the issues involved with it through the lens of progressive maturity.

Chakra Six continues the journey into the realms of the Higher Self and through the faculties imbued into this energy centre we begin the process of the ‘getting of wisdom’.

Located in the forehead just above the mid-point between the physical eyes, the third eye as it is commonly named, can be described as our inner eye which grants us the ability to look within to evaluate the lessons that life is teaching us.

We have moved beyond the realms of physical elements at this centre and move into the higher frequency bands where thought, as a distinct but unmeasureable entity, exists. This is the dominion of mind that has a wider definition that simply the brain – it expresses the first level of the consciousness that is part of the greater manifestation of the vital energy that surrounds and interpenetrates us. Mind has no boundaries – it cannot be confined by physical constraints. Even in prison a person’s soul can be freed through the stretching and expanding of the mind.

It is through the rigorous training of the mind that we hone the tool of intention. Intention coupled with, and driven by desire manifests our reality, so here we recognise the power of thought. The sixth chakra governs the right side of the brain, the function of which is to ‘see the big picture’. Higher intelligence is seeing the interconnections of things and appreciating the pattern and order of the larger view. Ancient wisdom made use of symbolism to understand the world around them. If a crow flew overhead as a baby was being born the baby might have been named Black Crow, have the crow as a totem, and govern and direct his life according to ‘crow’ totemic principles. The highly developed soul recognizes the signs that appear to them in everyday life as indications of the next turn in the path of life.

This chakra is related to ‘seeing’ the soul’s true path so that we can fulfill our soul’s destiny. It is the ‘navigating system’ guiding us through intuition to follow our bliss so that we fulfill our purpose here on earth.

Similarly it is here that we ‘see’ when we have strayed off the path of our true destiny through the process of insight. This allows us to learn the lessons that life has to offer so that we can make ‘corrections’ to our navigation system. By the process of reminiscence we ‘go over’ the events of the past, hopefully to learn from our experiences.

Intuition is our inbuilt guiding system. If you are wanting to access your intuitive side regarding a question about yourself ask, “Does it make my heart sing or sink?” This is the question that reveals the truth of our intuitive knowing. If we can honestly make decisions in our life based on the body-mind experience of answering this simple question, then we are following our intuition.

To get an idea of how balanced your Third Eye Chakra (Chakra Six) is, answer the questions below. There is no right or wrong, just an awareness of how well you express your Third Eye Chakra in your daily life……


Do you notice visual details in your surroundings?

Do you have vivid dreams?

Do you have psychic experiences (precognition, intuition)?

How would you rate your ability to visualize?

Do you make use of your imagination?

Do you like bright colours?

Are you on track for following your life’s purpose?

Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences help to restore balance and clear distortions to the chakras. They do this powerfully but gently by re-attuning you to your best possible expression, assisting you to make decisions in your life that are life-affirming and healing.

For example, the Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essence Wild Iris activates a positive expression of the Third Eye Chakra by enhancing intuition, balancing between joyous spiritual expression and gracefully embracing the practical aspects of living, tapping into the mysteries of the inner self to understand and inform our earthly experience, easy expression of the feminine intelligence whether a male or female, balances hormones and grants wisdom. It is included in the Body Love blend for living, loving and honouring the feminine through a healthy acceptance and joy in the body, Blessed Birthing for engaging with the deep feminine innate wisdom of birthing, Brain Balance for balancing brain function and assisting with memory loss and brain changes as the brain ages, Clear Skin to re-establish hormonal balance, Pre-Conception, Conception and Pregnancy Support for optimal hormonal support around conception to assist fertility and facilitate pregnancy. It is also a feature essence in the blends Speak Easy Woman Worth and Wise Woman each of which helps to listen to the inner whisperings of the feminine spirit and embody the essence of what being and feeling like a woman truly is.
If you are interested in finding out more about how to optimise your potential by re-balancing your chakras come along to our exciting Spirit of Woman Practitioner Workshop series. We explore the chakras in depth and how they affect your life when they are out of balance, including the five newer chakras that have opened up recently in human beings as the consciousness of the planet shifts into a higher gear. You don’t have to be a practitioner to attend this workshop series, but you will come away with healing skills that you can practice on your family and friends. This is a powerful workshop series. To find out more click here.


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