This client is known as Trixie, she is a miniature mare.

She suffers from allergies to mosquito bites, which manifest as open  lesions on  her skin. She also had some areas of rain scald, a condition where the hair falls out, and the skin is bare.

These itch constantly, and cause her great distress, as she constantly scratches them.

I applied Blue Mink in a spray to the affected areas. This was intended to soothe the area, and ease the itching.  The spray was used twice a day, and because it was applied to the lesions topically, she had to have several areas sprayed each time.

The effect was immediate. She stopped scratching, and the sores, that had been open and sensitive to touch became dry, and within a week the hair began to regrow.

Trixie is now happier than before the treatment, and instead of scratching on the trees, she spends her time catching up on some serious eating.

She also now wants the spray, instead of walking away when I approach her with it.

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