Anne is a client that I have been treating for some time; she had a marriage breakdown about four years ago and has suffered with depression, various physical ailments as well as a very poor body image, low self esteem, a broken heart and was not able to stand up for herself anymore.

We decided that she would take Bleeding Heart as a single essence; Body Love and Woman Worth were also given to her.

She takes Bleeding Heart twice a day and Body Love and Woman Worth she takes on a rotating basis or whatever bottle she feels that she is drawn to at any particular time. Sometimes she still has to have dealings with her now ex- husband and I had given her Crisis Calm, which she takes before having to have dealings with her ex- husband.

The next time she saw me she has reported that she doesn’t have any feeling for her ex-husband at all, even finding him repulsive. There had been some ‘cutting remark’ made by him and she stood up for herself and actually told him a few ‘home truths’ and constantly told me how amazed she was as she has never stood up to him before, as she has been a previous client I know this has been the case and she had many other essences from me since the break-up. She has been under weight since the break-up and has been constantly under medical supervision for adjustments to prescribed medication. At her last visit, a little over a month has passed and she has also gained weight, reports that she is enjoying food again [sometimes] and she is feeling better about herself. This is starting to show in her appearance as well.

At this point in time she wants to stay on Body Love and Woman Worth and has another Bottle of Crisis Calm. She is still taking them on the basis of the one she is drawn to at any given time, I do not feel that there needs to be a structured way for her to take them as it is also giving her choices and teaching her to listen to her intuition. She also has decided to have a bottle of Vital Energy. A lot of symptoms that she has would be very similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so with this added to her collection, she is looking forward with much more optimism, instead of just ‘going through the motions’.

I am pleased with her progress and look forward to our next visit.

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