Gender Differences can cause communication problems Males and females are very different in their thoughts, feelings, values, perceptions, judgments, ambitions, desires and needs.

Furthermore, we are designed by Nature to be so, it is our biological inheritance. This is how we complement one another, together creating a family unit that supports the next generation.

It seems to me that the rise of the feminist movement in the latter third of last century failed to take into account that women are intrinsically women, and men are intrinsically men. Instead, the cry for women to share the same societal advantages as men (called for from within a male-dominated paradigm) was mistakenly based in a resentful gripe that women were given a raw deal, in having to do the drudge work (having children included), while men swanned around scott-free making pots of money and enjoying prestige and power. Most men didn’t know what a dishcloth looked like, according to Germaine Greer and her followers.

The crucial element missing in this half-perception was that society’s values over thousands of years, up until this time, have been singularly shaped by male values. This means that the functions, jobs, behaviours and unique territory that women are biologically equipped for, are severely under-valued and in a sense, dismissed, within our society.

It seems to me that this is why many women are ready to give their power away in areas that they, and their feminine network, are best equipped to manage; such as the female stronghold of conception and reproduction.

Some of the ways we women have denied our feminine intelligence include:

  • use of the Pill as a contraceptive method, even though it interferes with the healthy functioning of our reproductive system;
  • submitting to assisted reproduction even though it has been confirmed through valid research that children born by these anti-life, mechanical methods are less healthy than those conceived naturally; and
  • allowing their babies to be cut out of their bodies because they believe (or are told) that they won’t be able to give birth naturally.

But we have a right to control our fertility!

So now I hear many of you are saying, “But we have no choice, we have tried to conceive naturally and nothing has happened”, or, “But how am I going to prevent a pregnancy when I am sexually active, but not yet ready for children?”

These questions have plagued women since time began. They are still the most important questions that women need to ask, and to answer, because sexuality and reproduction are such crucially important areas in a woman’s life, and have such an enormous impacts both personally, and in wider arenas.

After all, one baby, perhaps conceived and born after a single lovemaking episode, will change a woman for the rest of her life. This is a long commitment, requiring major adjustment and restructuring in all areas of her way of living.

Not only that, but it also impacts on the future generation, as the quality of her reproductive experience, her pregnancy and birthing, and the crucial years of child-raising, imprint on the child born to her, either in a positive or a negative manner. And the echoes of that programming will continue on down the line in woman-to-child succession, for the next seven generations. There are effective reliable solutions to preventing unwanted pregnancy, that do not involve changing the delicate balance of your body’s hormones, that are about connecting to your body and its natural rhythms.

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