The time had come for me to sell my precious donkeys, due to restriction of available land for them to use. this was a haed decision, but one that was necessary.

They were advertised, and subsequently sold… to two different properties.

I had three donkeys in all. Two adults, and a foal, who had been weaned. It had been my greatest wish that they could go to the same property, but such was not the case.

The time came for mother and son to travel to Victoria, leaving dad behind. The day was not  a happy one for anyone, least of all for myself.

In anticipation of this, I had made a mix of Bleeding Heart and Crisis Calm, and applied these in a spray for several days before departure. These essences were chosen as a means of controlling fear about the move, as well as dealing with the grief of loss form each other.

Loading these two animals was easier than we had expected, as they seemed to be very calm and accepting of their situation.

After they left, my remaining boy was anxious, and braying from time to time. I applied the combination to him each time i heard the distress in his voice. The effect was instantaneous! Each time i applied it, he began to yawn  and snuggle into me for reassurance.  I was amazed. His time to travel arrived, and as before, I applied the essence regularly, and told him what was happening. He was reasonably co-operative in loading, and this was achieved without any drama (a miracle with a male donkey.) I gave a bottle of the mix to his new owners, and they reported that all arrived safely.

I also need to stress that i also tool liberal doses myself, as i had some trepidation about parting with these beautifuf animals.

Thanks to the essences, a difficult situation was resolved .

Ian davies.

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