We have created a retail range of ready-to-use essence blends that assist both women and men to navigate their lives gracefully and with optimum ease.

The essence blends are designed to provide emotional and psychological support through various stages and crossroads in life, as well as to assist in everyday situations with relationships, work related issues, family problems and through all phases of fertility (and infertility), pregnancy, childbirth and early and late childhood development.

We also have blends which address all aspects of spiritual development, regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned traveller on the road less travelled.


The Essence Blends consist of four different ranges:

1. Personal Development range includes:

Body LoveCrisis CalmTravel EaseVital Energy and Woman Worth


2. Spiritual Development range includes:

Abun-DanceCreative MuseExploring Spirit, Gift of TimeQuiet Mind and Self-Heal


3. The Essence of Relationships range includes:

Breakup Ease, Clear SkinDaddy’s GirlIntimate ZoneMe Myself IMother LoveSpeak EasyTogether and Wise Woman 

4. Parenting from the Heart range includes:

 Blessed Birthing, Brain Balance, Caesarean RecoveryChildhood, Clear SkinConceptionEmpty NestPre-conception, Pregnancy Support, Teen Transit, The Baby Years

You can buy any of the above blends online or at any of our retail outlets.