Energy to Go – And Then Some!

Helps you focus, protect yourself from burning out, and gives an energetic boost. Supports intuitively conserving our energy for the things that matter. Builds understanding of the true meaning of ‘service’ and of learning to give and receive in equal measure. Assists rejuvenating, regenerating, revitalising, renewing, refreshing, restoring and restocking life force energy.

Contains the essences of:

Cassia, Dandelion, Macaranga, Snail Vine, Seeing Eye, Swamp Lily, White Wandering Jew



Naturopath, Natural Medicine educator and convenor of Brisbane ‘Womens Temple’ Tanya Quod said this about Vital Energy:

“I have to tell you what is happening since I started taking Vital Energy:


·         I have become more meditative – every morning I wake up needing to meditate

·         I have focused on my physical body – needing to do yoga and ride my bike through the forest, taking the time to breathe in nature

·         I have had a flurry of ideas and creativity

·         When I sit on the bus or before my computer I have this sense of elongating through the spine and, similar to meditation, I feel energy rising up through my spine and above my head. My focus is intense and I am getting a great deal done and deliberately getting rid of things that scatter my focus from what I want to achieve

·         I am making connections with like-minded people and finding ways to bring them together for the benefit of all.”