We have had many many questions about the properties of the essences, and we hope you’ll find this information useful. If you’d prefer to download and print (doublesided) the information as a brochure, please click here.

Abuse physical or sexual – Cordyline, Native Hibiscus, Milkweed
Aching legs – Red Kamala
Acne – Blue Mink
Addictions to a substance, relationship, cause or life situation – Cassia
Alcohol abuse – Cassia, Lomandra, Wild Iris
Allergic sensitivity – Macaranga
Anaemia – Acacia Purpurea, Cassia, Dandelion, Macaranga
Anger – Acacia Purpurea, Blue Mink, Black Nightshade, Freckle Face, Lomandra, Storm Lily
Alkalising spondylitis – Lomandra
Anorexia – Dandelion
Anxiety – Blue Mink, Cordyline, Freckle face, Lacebark, Macaranga, Pink Shamrock, Silver Wattle
Athero-sclerosis – Lomandra
Arthritis – Lomandra
Asthma – Lantana

Bladder problems – Red Kamala
Body Image problems – Black Nightshade, Cordyline, Red Kamala
Bowel polyps – Cassia, Lomandra
Breast cancer – Black Nightshade, Cordyline, Wild Iris
Breathing difficulties – Lantana
Bullying behaviour – Milkweed

Childhood abuse of any kind, verbal, physical or sexual – Milkweed
Circulation – Bleeding Heart, Lantana
Clearing toxicity – Lomandra
Colds, flus and viruses – Macaranga
Colon cancer – Cassia
Communication difficulties – Commelina, Freckle Face, Lacebark
Confusion over sexuality – Cordyline
Constantly tired – Dandelion
Constipation – Cassia
Creative blocks – Morning Glory, Red Kamala

Debilitation of the nervous system – Blue Mink
Depression – Cassia, Lacebark, Silver Wattle, White Wandering Jew, Wild Iris
Desire to escape from the world – Blue Mink
Despondency – Silver Wattle
Diabetes – Cassia
Diarrhoea – Cassia
Difficulty in confronting others – Freckle Face, Morning Glory
Digestive dysfunction – Black Nightshade, Blue Mink, Cassia, Dandelion
Digestive problems including irritable bowel syndrome, stomach upsets, diabetes – Black Nightshade
Diverticulitis – Cassia
Domineering parents – Morning Glory
Dull, constant headaches – Dandelion, Lomandra

Emotional and physical pain – Blue Mink, Native Hibiscus
‘Empty nest syndrome’ – Lacebark
Entity attachments – Acacia Purpurea, Ajuga, White Wandering Jew
Excessive weight – Dandelion, Wild Iris

Father issues – Cordyline
Fear – Acacia Purpurea, Black Nightshade, Bleeding Heart, Blue Mink Commelina, Cordyline, Freckle Face, Lacebark, Lantana, Macaranga, Morning Glory, Native Hibiscus, Red Kamala, Snail Vine, Silver Wattle, Verbena, White Wandering Jew, Wild Iris
Fear of being alone – Cordyline
Fear around sexuality – Red Kamala
Fear of ageing – Lacebark
Fear of movement – Red Kamala
Feeling sexually undesirable – Black Nightshade, Lacebark, Wild Iris
Feeling unattractive – Black Nightshade, Lacebark
Feelings of uselessness and having passed the use-by date – Lacebark
Fibroids – Native Hibiscus, Red Kamala, Wild Iris
Frigidity – Native Hibiscus, Red Kamala

Gallstones – Lomandra
Guilt around sexuality and masturbation – Red Kamala
Guilt and shame around periods – Native Hibiscus

Haemorrhoids – Acacia Purpura, Dandelion, Wild Iris
Headaches – Blue Mink, Dandelion Wild Iris
Healing the inner child – Milkweed
Hearing difficulties – Lacebark, Snail Vine

Immune compromised – Bleeding Heart, Macaranga
Infertility – Red Kamala, Snake Vine
Insomnia – Dandelion
Intellectual arrogance – Morning Glory
Irritability – Blue Mink
Isolation – Blue Mink
IVF procedures – Snail Vine (strength of ovaries), Swamp Lily (implantation)

Lack of humour – Milkweed
Learning difficulties – Milkweed
Lethargic – Dandelion, Swamp Lily
Libido low or absent – Cordyline, Lacebark, Red Kamala, Snail Vine
Liver problems – Black Nightshade
Loneliness – Cordyline, Wild Iris, Verbena
Loss of interest in a sexual partner, particularly following birth – Red Kamala, Snail Vine, Wild Iris,
Loss of temperature control – Dandelion
Low back pain – Red Kamala, Snail Vine,
Lowered immunity – Black Nightshade, Macaranga
Lung-related disorders, such as asthma and shallow breathing – Lantana

Manipulative behaviour – Cordyline, Milkweed
Mastitis – Black Nightshade
Melancholy – Silver Wattle
Menstrual pain – Lomandra, Native Hibiscus, Red Kamala
Migraines – Lomandra
Muddle-headed – Dandelion, Lantana

Nausea – Dandelion

Oedema in the ankles – Red Kamala, Snail Vine
Ovarian cysts – Native Hibiscus
Over-dependency – Cordyline, Milkweed, Wild Iris,
Over-sensitivity – Bleeding Heart, Macaranga, Milkweed
Overwhelmed – Blue Mint, Dandelion, Macaranga

Palpitations – Bleeding Heart, Blue Mint, Lomandra,
Palpitations arrhythmia and facial flushing – Lomandra
Perspires easily – Dandelion
Physical pain – Blue Mink, Native Hibiscus
PMT – Blue Mink, Native Hibiscus
Poor vision – Cassia, Lomandra
Pregnancy – Swamp Lily
Pregnancy with an unwanted baby – Native Hibiscus, Swamp Lily
Prolapses, including bowel and vaginal – Acacia Purpurea, Cassia, Dandelion

Quiet, withdrawn child – Milkweed

‘Retired husband syndrome’ – Lacebark
Rigidity of the musculo-skeletal system – Blue Mink, Lomandra

Sadness and guilt following a miscarriage or abortion – Native Hibiscus
Sexual abuse in the past – Cordyline, Native Hibiscus, Milkweed
Shame around masturbation – Red Kamala
Shame around sexuality – Red Kamala
Skin blemishes including acne, and toxic skin conditions – Black Nightshade, Blue Mink, Lomandra
Smoothing circulation – Bleeding Heart, Lomandra
Speaking one’s truth – Freckle Face, Morning Glory
Stage fright – Morning Glory
Stiffness – Red Kamala, Wild Iris
Stress – Blue Mink, Dandelion, Macaranga
Stress and tension – Blue Mink
Strokes and heart attacks due to suppressed anger – Lomandra
Substance abuse – marijuana, tobacco, – Lantana

Timidity and shyness in speaking out – Lacebark, Morning Glory, Verbena
Tiredness – Acacia Purpurea, Blue Mink, Macaranga, Swamp Lily
Transition times of childhood/ adolescence – Milkweed, Pink Shamrock
Twisted bowel – Cassia

Weakened immunity – Black Nightshade, Macaranga
Weakness of the spine, specifically the middle back – Acacia Purpurea
Worry – Dandelion, Lantana, Macaranga, Milkweed, Swamp Lily

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