Many women suffer under the notion that they are not good enough in terms of meeting or matching societal standards of “beauty”.

Beauty is an artificial construct of the media and of the advertising industry to sell products. It is a very unrealistic image of being female, and it very often creates anguish in women because they feel they can’t meet those standards.

We have cases of little girls starving themselves. Tens of thousands of women are voluntarily undergoing surgery to “re-sculpt” their form. These extreme behaviours, which women perform because they feel they can’t live up to the so-called “woman” standard of beauty, are tragic.

All in the name of beauty

There is enormous pressure to conform to that image of beauty. What all those messages are really saying is that you’re not good enough!

Yet our bodies are beautiful in every shape, form and size. And they are all the more beautiful when we love them for what they are and then they function with our gratitude and with our best expression.

And for many women, it’s not only the “look” of our bodies, but also our body functioning, that we seek to change.

I believe there is an epidemic of women believing that they can’t perform natural biological functions in their own right. As a consequence of not believing in themselves, they hand over those processes to do with fertility, conceiving, pregnancy, and as importantly, the birthing process, to an authority outside of themselves.

The medical profession operates in a culture of, “We know best, give us your body and we will manage it for you”. This attitude dis-empowers many women, so that they fail to believe in their own inherent ability.

For example, there is a high rate of infertility being diagnosed by doctors, leading to an alarming increase in IVF. The problem is that women are given this diagnosis after 12 months of being unable to fall pregnant. And for many this comes after many of their fertile years being on the contraceptive pill, which effectively suppresses their natural fertility.

In my clinic, and in many other Natural Therapy practices around the globe, women are being successfully treated for infertility with some minor tweaking of their lifestyle, such as detoxing, natural hormonal balancing using herbs and supplements, de-stressing and minor dietary modifications. It can take up to a year to effect these changes, but the outcome is so worth the effort – a naturally healthy baby and the added bonus of a healthy Mum with no post-natal depression!

Similarly, something like 30% of women in my home city of Brisbane Australia are having Caesarean births, and a high percentage of those are electing to have the procedure, because they believe that they can’t do it for themselves. My city is not unique in Western culture. I actually think it’s possibly a bit lower here than the average.

I am not talking here about an emergency situation, in which case a Caesarean birth is necessary. Please understand that. In these circumstances the medical profession comes into it’s own. But in normal healthy circumstances, a natural birth has been clearly shown to prepare both baby and mother for a healthy bonded relationship far more effectively than an unnatural birth.

The critical thing is that women believe in themselves and their inherent power to surrender to the natural processes that Mother Nature has so wisely embedded into a woman’s biological make-up.

When women take back their power over their own bodies, they can actually say, “I can do that, just like all of the women that have come before me. I am woman!”

Body Love is a wonderful blend, which helps women to gain a sense of mastery over their body and the confidence that both body and mind are attuned to their inner strength. It assists us to accept our body and love it as it is.


Body Love blend

In this blend, the individual essences of:

Black Nightshade helps to appreciate and revere the miracle of the female body

Red Kamala grants a sense of permission to take deep pleasure in the body

Snail Vine energetically balances the hormones of reproduction and fertility

Wild Iris energetically balances all bodily hormones, and assists with reconnecting Mind and Body.

Body Love is a beautiful blend, with a lovely soft energy to help reconnect you to the joy of being female.

Enjoy your body;  it is a miracle of life and remember, the more you love it, the healthier and more functional it will become!

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