My Gran is 99. She lives in a lovely home where she has access to 24 hour care. She’s amazing for her age – still walks around (with a walking frame) though some days she’s a bit wobbly on her feet. Some days she sleeps a lot, some days she’s very vague and asks the same question over and over, some days she’s angry and accusing everyone of stealing things, and she rummages through her drawers and turns her space into chaos, some days she wanders off and has the staff frantically searching for her, and some days she’s very lively and chats and jokes. It’s a delight having her in our lives still; she’s the grandmother everyone wishes they’d had.

When I visited her on Tuesday, she was asking how all the family is and I gave her a little catchup. My mum had just heard from a family member who isliving and working in Texas, and has a new lady friend, and I laughingly gave Gran that information. She was immediately concerned about it – the family member in question was the widowed husband of my cousin, let’s call her Mary. My stomach froze, and then hit my feet – I’d completely forgotten that we’d decided 18 months beforehand to not tell my Gran about Mary’s passing! So she was understandably upset that Mary’s husband had a girlfriend!

Gran and Mary were very close, though they’d spent the previous 15 years in different hemispheres of the planet. Mary was the eldest grandchild, and she and my gran had spent many years in very close contact. Mary had a turbulent relationship with her mother, and had often wished Gran had been her mother instead. Anyway… when Mary passed suddenly from a brain aneurism, we decided to not tell Gran because of the distress we knew it would cause her, at the time she was rather unwell, and any time she asked about Mary we simply said she was in England, and she was happy.

But on this particular Tuesday, I forgot!

Gran was, as we’d expected she would be, immediately and painfully very upset. I was upset, Mum was upset, but she spoke about what had happened and why we’d decided that, and she did seem to accept it. At 99, many people, including siblings, children, grandchildren and a great-grandchild have passed from this life. I felt very guilty and upset, and Mum thought it was probably the best thing that Gran knew finally.

So on Thursday when I went to see her again, I took a bottle of Crisis Calm. Gran was at the hairdresser, but she was weeping as the poor hairdresser tried to do her hair. She had remembered that morning that Mary had passed and the home had phoned Mum to tell her Gran was very upset, just a minute or two before I picked her up for our visit.

As soon as we got there, I gave Gran seven drops of Crisis Calm. The hairdresser wrapped Gran’s head in a towel and we walked her back to her room. The emotional upset had affected her physically, she was very very wobbly on her feet, and mum and I were both in tears at my Gran’s pain. I sat and held her hand while mum went to talk to the nurses about Gran seeing the doctor for a sedative, which they thought was a good idea.

Ten minutes later I gave Gran another dose of Crisis Calm. And ten minutes later another dose. By which time the head nurse had come in and saw a calm, rational but sad woman, talking about her grand daughter who had passed, and how much she’d loved her.

Still, ten minutes later I gave her another dose, and she was more herself again. Mum and I stayed and tidied Gran’s dresser drawers, and tossed out a lot of old magazines etc that she hoards., and she was laughing and reminiscing about the photos we dug out of the magazines and reinserted into her photo albums.  The staff were amazed as they’d seen her distress.

When we left I gave the staff the bottle of Crisis Calm and they assured me they would give her more in the evening, and again in the morning, and more if she needed it. Oh, I might say I took a dose or two myself, and gave some to Mum!

I’m seeing Gran again this afternoon, and taking a blend to support her liver meridian, which is so stressed under grief.

And as I said to Annie, I am *so* grateful to have these amazing essences in my life, to support and heal me and my family when we most need it.

What a blessing….

~Sandy Kumskov

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