I grew up in a male dominated household (I had four brothers and no sisters) and my mum was so swept off her feet caring for all of us that she and I didn’t get much special ‘girly-bonding’ time as I was growing up.  I had to discover what truly being a woman was all by myself.

I wanted to be happy and healthy from early in my life but through my teenage years I noticed that I was growing further and further away from feeling that way. In fact, so far away that I felt completely out of touch with the person I had been as a child. I felt like a stranger trapped in my own body – and even my body was acting in ways that I didn’t like. I finally realized that I needed to find the path back to feeling like I had in my natural free-spirited state, more connected to my inner self.

I began to study Natural and Energetic Medicine and it was here that my journey back to who I really am begins. It began when I was introduced to the concepts of yang (the male principle) and yin (the female principle) in my studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I began to recognise that women and men are very different from one another, and not just in the obvious ways, but on all levels of being, including ways of thinking, preferences, values, mindset, emotional responses and capabilities.

This realisation was from someone who was raised in a male atmosphere! I became aware that I was totally different to those with whom I had shared my childhood. I asked myself, if I had observed the behaviour of those around me to learn from and role-model, and they were all boys, then where did I fit in as a female, and what did being ‘feminine’ mean?

I sought answers, early on in my life journey and lived my day-to-day experience conscious of those questions in the back of my mind. Life took me on a rocky path of discovery including marriage, divorce, children and finally becoming a widow.

My career path was providing the answers thick and fast. My clinical practice led me to work with women and their health problems while simultaneously sharing their joys. Many women shared their stories with me, their hopes and dreams, their anguish and fears and often we wept or laughed together. Enmeshed in a sisterhood of mutual cooperation, networking and support I learned about what it means to be a woman. I blossomed as a woman myself, and I am forever grateful to those sisters and wise women who taught me what ‘embracing the Divine Feminine’ means.

I taught the Australian Bush Flower Essences for 14 years and introduced the MindBody paradigm by mapping the Bush Flower essences to the chakras and the meridian system and I designed and wrote the current College course, as well as  the Correspondence Course currently used worldwide.

My passion is women’s health and well-being. Women are biologically inscripted to contribute to the greater well-being. They do this best when they are attuned to their inner wisdom and intuition. Many women need the support of other women to find their inner truth. This is one of the unique strengths of being female – their ability to put their own ego aside for the greater good.

I recognize that most of the structures and systems that operate in our society currently are largely hierarchical and male in nature – that is, they are rooted deeply in the masculine principles of logic, competition, rationalization, and linear and organizational (hierarchical) structures.

Women function differently, being inherently intuitive, cooperative, circular, wholistic and process-directed. Because we live in a society that is structured solely on masculine principles, both women and men need to make a conscious effort to tap in to their inner or feminine side. Women in particular need to listen to the wisdom of their feminine nature for direction, which is intuitive, cooperative, circular, wholistic, and creative and process-driven, otherwise they seek answers for the challenges in their lives from the masculine-orientated value system that operates outside of themselves. This can cause them to lose confidence in their own inner guidance and knowing as a consequence. They can thus become alienated from their core wisdom and lose control of their own life.

Women express their spirituality by cooperating and contributing to the whole, rather than competing.

I teach women in Australia and all over the world, how to honour themselves and to find their own sovereignty within, rather than looking outside of themselves for answers.

I wrote my first book, Essence of Woman because women from all over
the world asked me to help and support them as they journey the path back to
who they really are. You too can take the journey back to your own truth, where
you will discover that being a fully authentic woman is the pathway to vital
health, wealth and happiness.

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