Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essence


Many people, when they browse the keywords for the essences, feel that they need all of them at once!! This is quite common, because as human beings we are energetically structured with emotional layering determined by our higher self so that we can function out in the world.

For example, if you have an abandonment issue, that is, irrationally you fear that a significant person in your life will leave you at some time or another, you will have learned, at an earlier stage in your life, to cover up this fear. Otherwise your vulnerability would leave you wide open to being perhaps manipulated or used by the other to your detriment. We learn to put  strategies in place to protect ourselves and keep our heart safe.

When we decide to move through our vulnerabilities to step up to a place of confidence and self-empowerment, we often need to do so by peeling back the layers one by one. This is where a practitioner can help.

From an objective and experienced vantage point, a skilled helper can assist you in establishing a safe and secure pathway through your old 'used-by' emotional limitations to an inner conviction that brings peace and confidence into every level of  interaction with others, including your deeply intimate zone.

We offer a listing of practitioners to assist you in selecting your individual essence or blend and to begin the process of peeling back the layers of your emotional armoury, without generating the emotional trauma that can sometimes accompany the painful process of self-mastery.

Each practitioner listed is well accomplished in their own specialised modality  and has developed their own unique treatment strategy based on the type of modality they are qualified to work within. Each has recognised the power of Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences to enhance, support or assist in their practice.

You can consult with any of the practitioners listed below that resonate with your specific needs.


Email consultation: A personalised email consultation with a practitioner of your choice: $75.00

Phone Consultation: Up to one hour one-on-one phone consultation with a practitioner of your choice: $90.00

Person-to-person consultation: To be negotiated with your preferred practitioner (we will send details for contact with your chosen practitioner by email, once you have make a primary contact through the website).

If you are interested in becoming a Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences practitioner in your own right please contact us by email to discuss your options. You can email us either at annie@spiritofwomanessences.com 


Spirit of Woman Essences Practitioners


Mind-Body Practitioner / Developer of Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences


Annie Meredith

With more than thirty years clinical and teaching experience in MindBody Medicine, Energy Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, I work largely from an intuitive base, backed by a thorough knowledge and understanding of the human body and mind.

I work with Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences and I often will recommend Traditional Chinese Medicine herbals – while flower essences work at the spiritual, emotional and mental levels,  TCM herbals work on the physical body, restoring your vitality and supporting optimal functioning of your bodily systems.

By combining both, you ensure that you will be restored to your most optimum health and wellbeing and feel back in control of your life as swiftly and easily as possible.  The Traditional Chinese Medicine herbals costs are not included in your consultation. While I will recommend these products, it will be up to you to decide whether you wish to include them in your treatment protocol.



Astrology and Spirit of Woman Wild Flower Essences

Charyn McLean Dip. Astro (FAA/Dip. Prof. Couns)

Charyn is a professional astrological consultant and teacher. Her astrological focus is psychological/karmic astrology.

Charyn approaches her work from a Chironic therapeutic perspective, integrating counselling and Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences Therapy, with the art of astrology.

She is a fertility  consultant, assisting women to calculate the optimum time for conception by using their birth chart, a well-recognised, powerful method of enhancing fertility.

This method assists women to consciously conceive as well as increasing their ability to select the gender of the incoming baby.

She also works as a consultant for naturopaths and other alternative therapists.


To proceed simply fill in your details, making sure you name the practitioner you want to consult and the type of consultation (phone, email or in person) in the message box provided, make your online payment and within 24 hours your practitioner will contact you to make arrangements for the consultation.