As a lecturer of Flower Essences for seven years, I love their healing benefits and use them for myself, my family friends and patients.

As a woman, discovering Annie’s Spirit of Woman Flower Essences has added a new depth of healing and subtle transformation to my use of flower essences as a healing modality.

The Spirit of Woman essences are powerful, gentle and encompassing and embody the feminine principle. The Spirit of Woman book is a refreshing guide to the use of these essences combining Traditional Chinese Medicine principles with mind body energetics and holistic counselling techniqyues. I enjoyed the depth of information, doctrine of signatures and case studies about each essence. I for one, have embraced the Spirit of Woman essences.

Ananda Mahony, Naturopath and Skin Specialist, Vitalelife Paddington, Brisbane




Just started taking Commelina as I saw them repeatedly when I was getting upset and cranky about things. It seems to be helping me to say what I need to say when it comes to things that are upsetting me – in absolute honesty.

It has also affected (positively) my fiance who was in the habit of a lovely passive aggressive pattern of not talking to people when things upset him. It’s been brilliant! I mixed it with Blue Mink, Acacia, and Ajuga as they all stood out when I held them.

I find that when I put Acacia and Ajuga into a mix it almost softens the lessons, if that makes sense? Its like a cushion to fall onto when you are hit hard with the realisation that yet another thing within you needs looking at.

Tanya Quod, Head of Naturopathic Studies, Endeavour College, Brisbane

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Native Hibiscus

Native Hibiscus

The first few days of taking this essence I had an aching and bearing down feeling in the uterus area. This passed by day three, but returned whenever I was stressed. My emotions and attitudes were up and down while I was taking it but after I finished taking it, they are up.

I don’t feel devastated about  my miscarriage as I was but can appreciate that it happened for a reason. I feel I can appreciate the two children I have and laughed with them more than ever. Thank you Annie for your lovely gift of self-forgiveness. What a wonderful powerful and spiritual essence.

Narelle Woodford, past student, Endeavour College, Brisbane


I am a lot happier emotionally. Physically I have more energy and spiritually I am more at peace with myself, and the people around me. I have become myself for the first time in eons. I am still emotional and react to things but it has started to settle down.

Tanya North, past student, Endeavour College, Brisbane

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Storm Lily


Storm Lily

I was a single parent of three children and was working full time and studying (insane). Since taking Storm lily, my attitude has relaxed. I’ve decided to spend more time with my children and only work a couple of days a week and not study next semester.

I feel I have moved something emotionally, but I don’t know what.

I lost 5 kg (1/11th of my body weight). I have coughed up so much gunk because I was letting go of past gunk in my life.

I’m sure many would not thank you for this experience, but in hindsight I wish to thank you. I now know what a healing crisis feels like.

Tracy Fallon, past student, Endeavour College, Brisbane

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 Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

I had a huge physical clean-out while taking this essence. My environment also changed: my boyfriend moved in and I packed a lot of stuff to clear some space for his stuff but also to reduce clutter and ‘let go’ of a lot of stuff I’d hoarded.

Attitudinally I felt motivated and more inclined to do what I wanted to do, rather than what I thought I should do, or what others expected.

There was lots of processing my dreams and synchronocities and opportunities seemed to be more prominent during the week. Emotionally I felt quite calm and strong but a bit numb, kind of like the absence of old patterns before the new are established – seems like there’s a void for a little while.

I really enjoyed the essence and felt it helped a great deal. It’s very powerful, thank you.

Luisa Harvey, past student, Endeavour College, Brisbane

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Mimosa (Sensitive Plant) seems to be a very powerful essence and out of all the ones that I got so far it has given me the strongest effect.

Shortly after taking it and for a couple of days I felt movement around my ovaries, like something was moving. I also had a strong sense of protection and feeling of letting go, if that makes sense. I will add that I was not taking any other essence at the time and I took it for a period of 10 days.

Thank you for the opportunity to trial it.

Christine Cabrera, current student, Endeavour College Brisbane- 14May 2011