The Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences have been brought through to assist you on your journey back to a state of optimum health and well being.

Flower essences, especially those directed to women’s concerns, assist women in their own healing process by helping them to access the feminine intelligence, inscripted on their biology. Furthermore, essences assist women to grow in confidence in listening to that intuition and allowing themselves to be directed by its wisdom.

How Do Flower Essences Work in the Human System?

Chakra Illustralion, sittingFlower essences work by delivering a specific frequency to an energy centre, thereby affecting all levels — emotional, mental and physical. The frequency of the essence causes the energy centre to entrain with the best possible expression of the specific frequency being delivered. After all, a flower in its perfected form carries a high, pure expression of its specific frequency resonance. Entrainment means that the disharmonious energy of the chakra comes into harmony with the harmonious frequency being delivered by the essence. All expressions are affected as a consequence with a shift to positive expression at the physical, psychological and emotional levels.

Flower Essences work on the subtle energy body by targeting a person’s attitudes (mind) and emotions, via the subtle energy centres. Therefore, they act powerfully on the consciousness or awareness of the individual, opening up pathways of understanding or feeling previously unable to be accessed. The new awareness filters down into the emotional and physical levels, bringing health and wellbeing for the whole person.

Edward Bach described the effect of flower essences on a person as ‘flooding of our nature with higher vibrations.’ Bach clearly understood the human energy anatomy, and the higher subtle energy bodies, which he referred to as ‘our spiritual self’ and our ‘higher nature.’

By Becoming Healthy as Women We Honour our Men

Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower EssencesWhen we embark on this path, we honour our men-folk. We stand as their equals, not trying to be like them or to outsmart them, nor giving them all our power, but by gifting them with the full blossoming of the feminine essence. In doing this, we enjoy, for our part, the unique maleness that they can offer us as their gift.

In this way females and males truly find the balance that nature intended for us and we complete the whole, by each being fully one of the parts. Men are hard-wired to like women who are sexy, playful and caring. Is that you right now or are you too burdened to lighten-up?

So please use and enjoy these beautiful wild flowers and allow them to allow you to access your inner Wild Woman. It is well worth the journey, and the essences’ healing effects will echo down through the generations, as we bless our children with our own sense of self-worth.

If you’re interested in reading more on the energetic nature of the human system, Annie discusses all this, and much more, in her second book, The Spirit of Woman.


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