Miss Scrappy is a middle aged terrier cross. She has a history of self mutilation, by biting herself, and tearing the hair out of her back. She seems to do this more when her “father” ignores her or is away. Allergies to fleas etc doesn’t seem to be the cause. She is perfectly settled, when she  is content with the attention her male owner is giving her.

Blue Mink was chosen for its  soothing properties on the skin, and it was the only essence used initially.

At first, she enjoyed the spray, and used to “ask” her “mother” for it . This went on for several days but suddenly, she avoided any contact with the spray. We changed the application to drops in her food, but she sensed that her “mother” was doing something odd, so she stopped eating.

We added Woman Worth to the Blue Mink, as an aid to Scrappy feeling more comfortable in herself. She had been with her male owner long before he married.

The battle of wills continued, each of the main “women” in this man’s life determined to have her way. The breakthrough happened when Ryan, the eldest boy in the family took the dog, and lovingly told her what his mother was trying to do to help her.

She willingly accepted the drops in her food, and now is bright, happy, and no longer self mutilating, even though the relationship with her “father” doesn’t seem to have changed.

Animals are people too, and the essences work wonderfully on them.

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