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A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the vegetarian cooking classes at Govinda’s in Elizabeth Street, in Brisbane.

Govinda’s regularly host Saturday night classes that explore a range of vegetarian experiences that inspire and nourish.   It was a wonderful evening spent in conversation with new acquaintances and sharing a love of food with Chef Ranchor as he enthusiastically combined his selection of 10 ‘Super Foods’ into a delicious meal, which we then shared.  Chef Ranchor is delightfully entertaining, but what resonated most with me was his passion to nourish not only our bodies but also our Souls.

Nourishing our bodies through exercise and healthy lifestyles has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry and it is important for our optimal functioning. However cooking to nourish our Souls – I wonder if that is something many of us inherently understand, but are rarely aware of.

As an example:   For me vegetarian cooking is really simple – until I think about it!  The moment I attempt to put together a vegetarian meal for someone outside of my immediate family, my brain freezes.  My stress I imagine, is akin to that experienced by contestants in the elimination round of ‘Masterchef’.  Yet, I enjoy creating wonderfully delicious and nourishing meals for my family and do so with little thought.

It was whilst attending this class and watching Chef Ranchor that I realized when I cook for my family – it is a creative process that is undertaken with love.  It is my expression of love for them and it is completely instinctive!

Cooking at home evolves from a ‘feeling’.   However, cooking for others’ takes me into the ‘thinking’ realm (possibly my ego – wanting to impress!) and I no longer trust my instincts.  In essences, the less I think about ‘what to cook’, the more I simply follow my instincts, and the more attuned I am to those I am cooking for.

Chef Ranchors’ class reminded me that our creativity is not in our minds, but in our hearts – even for such simplicities as the family meal.  Creativity in cooking is not simply producing an impressive looking and tasting meal – but also knowing the key ingredients that provide the optimum nourishment and sustenance for both the body AND Soul.

In our fast-paced modern life everything is a competition or quick and easy takeaway or TV dinners.  Whilst they may be sufficient for feeding the body (and most times even that is dubious)  – I believe they don’t even come close to nourishing our inner lives.

As women we are blessed with a wonderful collection of emotions that can be harnessed to inspire us in many ways.  The more we open our hearts, accept our emotions and stay true to ourselves, the more adept we will become at instinctively understanding the nourishing needs of ourselves, others and our environment.

I believe one of our greatest challenges as women is to hold our feminine nature in the multifarious aspects of our daily lives.  Even in the kitchen, which is traditionally the female domain!  As our workshops attest to, women in all walks of life are looking to reconnect with the feminine within and to allow her a voice in the tasks we undertake in our daily lives.  Click here if you interested in finding out more about our next scheduled workshop.

I challenge you to find your inner goddess of the kitchen!  Love and nourish her and awaken to your intuition, so that nourishing those we love is a joy and not  a burdensome chore.

I invite you to inspire others by sharing your inner goddess journey.  Please leave your comments or stories here.

Until next time.  Bon apetito.


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2 Responses to Intuition and Creativity

  1. Amy says:

    How wonderful Karren I would love to go to that cooking workshop Yum!
    How true what you have said and how often an enjoyable happy mealtime emerges from our kitchen when I flow with whatever I feel to cook even as the meal emerges as it is cooked – like you said when you trust the process and when it is not a chore.
    How often too I learned this the hard way slaving for hours over a complicated meal only to have the children not eat it and have the meal end in tears.
    We have found our own families way of being grateful for our food- it makes me smile when my daughter says thankyou to the food she is eating 🙂
    Perhaps too a part of this lack of food for nourishing the soul is a lack of tradition in regards to food preparation these days? – I have watched and drawn much inspiration from watching friends and family passionate about meals and traditions created from their ethnic backgrounds.
    I look forward to doing more of that intuitive cooking up and creating happy food and a few of our own family traditions on the way, and yes this works well with the essences too!
    Happy cooking Amy

  2. anniemm says:

    @Amy: Amy, how beautiful that food is such a central part of your family interaction. And how blessed your children are that they will learn to self-nurture through the wonderful role modelling that you are giving them.

    A xx

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