Meta comes from a background in nursing and has always been drawn to Alternate Therapies from a very young age. They were used extensively by her Grandmother and Father to treat the family and their animals in country New South Wales where she grew up.

When she moved back to Queensland over sixteen years ago with her first Border collie, she became involved in breeding Border Collies. Showing and Obedience Trialling took up a lot of her time and when she nearly lost one of her young girls to allergies, the search started for Natural feeding and Natural treatments for her animals.

The first thing that became an interest was herbal treatments which led her to study Herbology. Storms were a problem at times for the dogs when working as well as pre trial nerves suffered by both owners and dogs. Bach’s Rock Rose was what most alternate people used, while it gave some relief, there was something missing. Flower Essences were easy to travel with and easily administered to the dogs when away from home.

In 1999 while on a hunt through a Health Food Shop, Australian Bush Flower Essence’s Emergency Essence jumped out to say hello and why not! It was Australian and so were the dogs, bingo!

That started, what has since become an obsession with Flower Essences. The book was bought next, which lead to the study of Australian Bush Flower Essences, meeting Annie being one of the most treasured memories; it was destiny, floods and all, then studying and becoming an Advanced Practitioner in 2005. Many unresolved family issues were treated with them and physical ailments in adults, children and animals all respond well to them.

One of the dogs, Ghost, had to pick his own. This was done by putting the bottles on the floor and letting him decide what he wanted, after it was made, the bottle had to be on a low table or the floor and he would bring it when he wanted a dose. Seemed freaky, but what the heck! It worked.

He did the same with crystals.

He would often pick Essences for the other dogs and he was always right in what he chose. When girls had puppies he would go and sit in the whelping box with the puppies whenever they went out to the toilet, the girls never minded as long as he got out when they came back.

When Reiki was added to the growing list of Natural Therapies, the dogs became Reiki Masters too, and all puppies sold were attuned and given their bottles of Emergency Essence and Travel Essence to take home with them as well as a very detailed diet on Natural Rearing and a supply of food that they had been raised on.

A Homeopathic Veterinarian, Massage, Bowen Therapy, Chiropractics all works great on the animals and some have had Acupuncture, Ghost used to sleep through his sessions.

Auricular Acupuncture was studied, becoming a practitioner in 2004 and a considerable amount of time was spent working on a voluntary basis for ‘Anada’ treating clients for stress related disorders and addictions.

All of the Australian Flower Essences, including the Wild Flowers from Perth are used with clients. Now the study of Annie’s Spirit of Woman Essences is being added to the mix, giving over a hundred Essences to choose from. [It’s a healthy obsession]

Workshops with like minded practitioners are held on the Sunshine Coast and talks given at libraries are always well attended.

Private consultations are available on request, even in your own home if you would prefer.

Meta can be contacted by phone on: 07-5498 1178 Or email:

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  1. Elaine Nivison says:

    Meta always has an essence, or combination, for any given issue – for animals or humans! Her wealth of knowledge is amazing!
    Congratulations Meta!Fantastic ‘natural’ progression.


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