Welcome Endeavour College Students!

We hope you enjoyed listening to Annie Meredith talk about the essences, and are delighted to gift to you Flower Power – How Vibrational Essences Can Heal Your Heart and Strengthen Your Soul. It is an information-packed 34 page ebook that tells you everything you need to know about how you can make vibrational essences yourself that can support and enhance your energies during this great shift. It’s a great introduction to the healing power of the planet.

The Chapters are:

Ancient Power, Modern Healers
The Garden of Eden
The Doctrine of Signatures
The Body Electric
Vibrational Healing
The Body’s Energy Centres
How to Make a Flower Essence
Australian Wild Flower Essences

To claim your copy, please complete this form, and you’ll be taken straight to your download. We do hope you enjoy the ebook and will be in touch every couple of weeks, via our newsletter, Wild Essence.