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My religion forbids alcohol. Can I still use essences?

Essences are preserved with brandy. We are told that where alcohol is purely medicinal, most religions allow its use. For example, people of Muslim faith can use cough syrups which have an alcohol base. However if you prefer to not use alcohol at all, dose essences can be made with spring water or glycerine or even apple cider vinegar, but their shelf life is much shortened. You should know that the Mother Tincture is made with alcohol, although by the time the tincture is diluted down to a dose essence, it contains only a tiny amount of alcohol.

How are flower essences different to homeopathic remedies?

As we discuss in the article How Flower Essences Work, flower essences are an energetic, vibrational frequency imprinted onto a carrier liquid, and those frequencies rebalance imbalances in the  body’s subtle energy field. Homeopathic remedies are similar, but are prepared from hundreds of different animal, vegetable and mineral substances. Flower essences are prepared only from flowers. Homeopathic remedies apparently work on the biomagnetic fields of the body, where flower essences resonate with the subtle energy bodies, the meridians, and the chakras.

How are flower essences different to essential oils?

Essential oils are extracted from various parts of a plant – stem, root, leaves, and flowers. Flower essences are vibrationary frequencies extracted from flowers, and sometimes from other parts of the plant. Their only smell is from the preserving brandy. Flower essences’ action is on the subtle energy body; essential oils work mostly through the olfactory (sense of smell) system, on the physical level.

What is Mother Tincture?

Mother Tincture is the most concentrated form of a flower essence. Flower essence mother tincture is most often made by soaking the flowers in pure spring water and exposing the flowers in the water to the sun for a number of hours. The liquid is then strained to remove the flowers, and is then mixed half-and-half with Australian brandy as a preservative. This is Flower Essence Mother Tincture, and it is used to make Stock and Dose strength essences.

What is Stock and Dose?

Stock essence is like cordial – very concentrated. It is Mother Tincture, diluted again with spring water preserved with brandy, and succussed. Most often practitioners use Stock essence to make a carefully-selected blend of Dose essence for a client or patient.

Dose essence is made by diluting seven drops of Stock in a bottle containing 2/3 spring water and 1/3 brandy as a preservative. This the strength that you dose yourself with. The usual dose is seven drops under the tongue, morning and night, usually until the issue has cleared, usually within just a few weeks. You can use a blend such as Crisis Calm as needed though, sometimes as often as every ten minutes, until the crisis has passed.

Why seven drops?

The modern father of flower essences, Dr Edward Bach, said to use two drops of stock strength into dose bottles, and four drops of that blend. Many systems of flower essences use seven drops, for example Ian White of Australian Bushflower Essences. The more complex answer is, we believe, because life has a particular affinity with the number 7, and we will go into that in a future teleconference. If you’d like us to tell you when, please sign up for our newsletter. We will update this Q&A when we’ve had the teleconference, it’s a big question 🙂

Is putting the drops into your mouth the only way to take them?

It is the method most often used, but flower essences are highly effective in creams, and many people find that putting a few drops in your water bottle and drinking throughout the day, is effective as well. Some practitioners add a few drops to room sprays, and some touch drops onto specific points of the body. Dr Bach suggested that dabbing an essence behind the ears or onto the wrists could be beneficial.

I’m taking [drug] for [illness/condition]. Is it safe to take a flower essence at the same time?

Dr Bach believed that flower essences are 100% safe, and our experience supports this.

What happens if I choose the wrong essence?

Again we turn to Dr Bach for guidance. Essences target specific patterns of thought, belief, and emotion in the energy field. If you take, for example, Dandelion, when you’re feeling afraid of being alone, likely you will get no effect because Dandelion is to assist with clarity and focus and easing overwhelm.

I heard that I can’t drink coffee when I’m taking a homeopathic remedy. Does this apply to flower essences as well?

Homeopathic remedies can be what’s called antidoted by strong flavoured or fragranced substances, like coffee, toothpaste, even chocolate. As far as we’ve been able to determine this is not the case with flower essences because the liquid carries a frequency, as opposed to a pattern of a physical substance. However, we suggest you wait a few minutes between taking your flower essence and using any strong flavoured or fragranced substances.

Can you use an essence from the Spirit of Woman range and mix them with an essence from another flower essence range?

Annie has worked with different flower essences in different ranges over the last 30 years. Different flower essence ranges have different applications. But more than that, they also carry a different unique vibratory expression and energy. Some of the essences from one range might address certain issues, and another range addresses different issues that you might also want to address. We suggest you work with them alternately, however suits you. For example, three days with one essence (one essence is from one range), then take a break of a day or so, then work with an essence from another range for three days. That is one week. Then you can repeat it again if you feel you need to.