Embrace the Changes

Engage Your Heart

2020 carries all the astrological hallmarks of a year that is moving relentlessly towards change, so the chaos is not going away. 

And with the theme of chaos running strong in so many disillusioned people, to be then thrown into turbulence and dynamic change at the outset of 2020 may seem unduly harsh, and that life is offering us a raw deal!


  • what if …….this chaotic state of the world, underpinned by a personal sense of not knowing where you are going, is simply the consciousness SHIFT we have all been waiting for.
  • what if …….we are already collectively experiencing a reset of consciousness, which requires a state of ‘no mind’ to enable a download of higher consciousness to take place? Imagine if you will, trying to install a new operating system on your computer without clearing out the old OS! The new would simply be infected by the distortions in the old system and would compound existing errors.

Any major Shift in global consciousness requires that we rewrite the Earth’s history up to now, that of envy and separation, to a new herstory, that of love and inclusion.

To bring about such a massive change, the fundamental building blocks that have driven humanity for thousands of years need to be dismantled and rewoven into a fabric, a new Earth Story of cooperation, collaboration, compassion, caring and collective co-habitation.

This Shift can be likened to a rebirth of the Earth and its inhabitants and, as with all birth, there is pain, contraction and disorientation as the new baby moves down the birth canal. Resisting the pain only serves to delay the birthing and can even stop it in its tracks due to an increase in pain and suffering that paralyses and immobilizes. What we resist persists.

The only way to proceed to a graceful birthing is to breathe through the pain, and focus on what is to come: a new world Age that is vibrantly ‘alive’, new, fresh and untainted by the old worldview.

The old worldview, the Divine Masculine, is rapidly dissolving, having passed its ‘use-by-date’. This has been a world where the dominance of patriarchal values of linearity, hierarchy, upper class and under class, exploitation of the vulnerable, greed, prestige and power derived from withholding power and the amassing of wealth is no longer tenable. Under this value system, people have been held to ransom by the promise that one day they will make it in a world that highly values the accruing of wealth and power. Many good people have died in this vainglorious attempt, having been denied the right to make decisions on their own behalf, thus withering their own soul’s destiny and embittering their hearts. Dis-ease has been a major outcome of this mindless struggle, as the stresses of such an impossible task, in a world run by an untouchable, controlling upper class, upset the energetic and biochemical balance of the body. The treadmill has asked of us constantly to be continually doing, doing, doing driven by the ‘dangling carrot’ of ‘one day I’ll get there’.

The new order, the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine to balance the  Divine Masculine, is what is referred to as the ‘Shift’. 

The Shift is literally a repositioning, from a state of imbalance to one where the two polar forces of Life, the Yin and the Yang, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, are in harmony and working in tandem. It is compelled by forces way beyond our control, being Cosmic in nature, and is both inexorable and inevitable if our planet is to survive. However, in its wake the change is bringing states of confusion, disorientation, and despair as the effect of chaos before the new order is established, is felt both on a global level and even down to the very detail of your everyday life.

The Shift can be likened to a rebirth of the Earth and its inhabitants – it can be painful, messy and disorientating. The only way through is to ‘go with the flow’, breathe through the pain and rapid changes and focus on the new vision: a vibrant new World that is inclusive of people regardless of colour, creed or race, that reaches across boundaries in acceptance and connection and comes ‘from the heart’.

This ‘New Earth’ has been foretold throughout history. Described in spiritual and prophetic texts as the ‘Golden Age of Humanity’ it has been foreseen as a time when humans ‘come of age’ in the process of evolving consciousness for both the planet herself, Mother Gaia, and her children. It presupposes the deep connection between the planet, our home, and the lives we live as human custodians of Gaia’s health and wellbeing. It recognises that She, the Earth, is a living, breathing being and that there is a direct relationship between Herself and the wellbeing and consciousness of Her human co-creators. When we plunder her and bring her to the brink of survival, then the change must take place for us all to survive. And so, here we are at the interface of the Shift, standing on the edge and feeling the winds of change compelling us forward.

So, how do we negotiate this upheaval? What does this birthing New World, with its higher frequency consciousness offer to you and me? And how can we contribute and ‘go with the flow’ to feel the effects of transformation on our psyches and in our world? 

This Shift to the re-emerging Divine Feminine shakes us out of our slumber and awakens us to the wholeness of our vital, living experience here on Earth. It offers us the opportunity to live in awareness of the awesomeness and magic of being alive. It invites us to open our hearts and to recognise that we are all in this amazing process called life together. There is no separation into gender polarities, racial groups, religious followers – we are all human together – equal under the dome of heaven and the ground we all stand upon. Alive at the moment is a massive world movement, generated largely by women but upheld by many men, to recognise the equality of women in all spheres of life. It is a profound example of the inexorable move towards equality and balance for humanity.

The Divine Feminine asks us to remember that the first organ to come to life in our gestating body was the heart and that if we are to lead and full life in harmony, vitality and good health, we need to lead with the heart. It reminds us of the value of acknowledging and feeling love and compassion for one another, and the deep satisfaction that comes from living our ‘heart’s desire’, compelled by a deep and accepting love for the self.

As we skew our life experience to the Divine Feminine value system we shift our vision and focus from the outer world of mimicking what is ‘out there’ and to be constantly doing to try to fit in, to balance with your inner world of intuition, wisdom and being. From this inner perspective, you are the centre of your universe and your being is where the value lies. You are being asked in this new paradigm to simply be. Be the change you want to see. Be the Light you wish to see. Be the love you wish to feel. Be real. Be yourself. Be there for yourself. Be vulnerable. Unmask and stop trying to be someone other than yourself.

In your authenticity then, you can re-engage with doing in a conscious way, from the perspective of your inner guidance, your shining Light.

Similarly, your purpose arises easily from your depth of inner knowing and you no longer feel lost because you are aligned with your vital spark (your sense of being alive). Whatever you be and do from this place of alignment is a perfect expression of your soul’s direction. You are your direction!

As a wholly aligned being, you magnetically attract from your surroundings all and everything you need to fulfil your state of pure being……. and the doing follows. As we align these two major polarities within ourselves, the doing arising out of undiluted pure being, we re-unite the Divine Masculine with the Divine Feminine in consciousness and the world returns to a harmonious state. Sacredness is restored and peace prevails here on earth. Collectively we have written the new Earth Story and brought back the natural balance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.