Great relationships and partnering skills are keys to a happy, fulfilled life. When your relationships at home and at work are harmonious, you can easily and effortlessly enjoy the benefits of collaborative interaction, joy and mutual satisfaction, together creating a better world….

And yet many relationships are plagued with jealousy, resentment, blame, secrecy and lack of appreciation. Ironically each partner invariably starts out with a deep desire to love the other and to never fall into the same trap that saw parents, friends, siblings or work colleagues break up in trauma, conflict and collateral damage.

With such a high divorce rate, workplace strife and social and political clashes worldwide afflicting many hapless and vulnerable people, there is a real need for re-evaluating how we relate to others. As human beings we suffer far too deeply from relationship conflict, across the breadth of our everyday lives. And our children often bear the brunt of our suffering.

One of the most basic human needs is for deep connection with others, especially those in our intimate zone. As many of us recognize, there’s a vast gap between what we want to feel in our close relationships and how we actually feel.

The good news is that you can change how you interact in your relationships and expect a change in your relationship as a result. And, even more amazing, is that the relationship will not just repay you doubly for the change you initiate, but in a myriad of manifold ways that will ripple out into your life and that of everyone you have close contact with.

Isn’t it time you took up the challenge to make a difference in your own life???


You need to know that you are never more than 20 seconds away from turning your relationship life around and taking off in a new, positive direction.

Changes made in relationships happen in the choices and commitments you make in tiny moments of time. This means that the past is irrelevant and the only thing that matters is the choice being made right at this moment – awareness of the preciousness of the present is the gift you give to you and your partner….

The secret is that ALL human relationships have the potential to be either heaven or hell and no-one, no matter how socially well-placed, successful in a career, financially secure or politically correct, is immune to the possibility of a relationship in tatters….that is the nature of human vulnerability.

Learning how to avoid the pitfalls or to resuscitate a relationship that is in free-fall is not part of the curriculum at school, but it sure needs to be.

Keeping the flow of love and positive energy going is often a learned skill, and it doesn’t need a lifetime of ruined relationships to acquire it. There are shortcuts that will amaze you with how swiftly and easily they bring results.

It is worth your time and attention to learn these skills – the effect will flow through your life in ways you never could have imagined – in situations I have worked with connections have been healed even for couples on the brink of divorce, family members who haven’t spoken for years have renewed their bonds of affection and business partners have been able to get past their stuckness to go on and do big things together.

Join renowned relationships expert Annie Meredith for a ground-breaking weekend for singles, couples and professionals. Author of acclaimed The Essence of Woman, Annie draws on cutting-edge research into gender differences while adding decades of experience of working with thousands of people to bring you time-tested understandings and strategies for creating amazing and conscious partnering in all areas of your life.

Using Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences as valuable tools in your journey to happy and fulfilled relationships in your life, you will come away from this weekend workshop:

  • becoming more present in your relationship
  • understanding how to transform conflict into a celebration of differences
  • becoming fully authentic so that your relationship flourishes on what you each uniquely bring to the partnership.
If you are ready to unmask the real you, connecting with the deep yearning that longs for love and connection, so that you can transform your relationship into a partnership that works, then you will love this life-changing weekend. Click here to book online.


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