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One of the most outstanding faculties biologically inscribed into women is their multi-functionality. Hard-wired into the brain, this natural ability means that they can function at a highly optimal level quite easily, with a high degree of success in each of the levels from which they are operating simultaneously.

However, although multi-functionality is naturally occurring facility, it gobbles up a woman’s day-to-day energy and can deplete her basic resources severely over time, especially if she has not programmed regular relaxation and recreation into her life. As an educator in Natural Medicine and a natural health practitioner working specifically with women for over thirty years I know this to be true. Energy depletion lies at the root of many recurring illnesses and triggers the onset of many chronic diseases by compromising the immune system. It also affects how we feel –  I have personally experienced the depressed spirits, low self-worth and need to withdraw that accompanies consistently low energy levels in my early child-rearing days.

That’s why, here at Spirit of Woman we welcome the notion of women looking after themselves and taking time out of their normally busy, exciting and full but often stressed lives to take in some ease, calmness and relaxation. We offer this invitation to you to attend:

Ladies Pamper Expo

Diana Plaza Hotel, 12 Annerley Rd, Woolloongabba

May 22nd, 2011

9.30 for a 10.00 start – 5.00 finish

The day offers workshops, classes, one-on-one sessions with practitioners all providing the opportunity to de-stress and reclaim your sanity!! You will be supported and nurtured along with like-minded women who share similar stories of overwhelm and exhaustion; and you will discover easy, natural strategies to come back swiftly and effortlessly to a state of balance, so that your life runs as smoothly and gracefully as oil on your pampered skin.

I will be talking about how to draw on your powerful Divine Feminine energies to take the angst out of keeping up with your daily life, to  foster a nourishing relationship with your partner and children and to find joy in your working environment that satisfies your soul.

I will also demonstrate how you can maintain emotional equilibrium using our beautiful Spirit of Woman Flower Essence healers, even though your body and hormones are driving you to go on a wild see-saw ride every month that leaves you exhausted and having to pick up the pieces of your relationships afterwards.

We will also be conducting personal 20 minute consultations that will get to the heart of why you may be feeling the way you do. Karren and Lisa are both trained in how to be there for you to hear your unique story. They will make you a personalised Spirit of Woman Flower Essence blend that will support and nourish you.

For more information on the Ladies Pamper Expo you can go to the website for details on how book for this special Brisbane event.

I’d love to see you there…………