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Miss Scrappy is a middle aged terrier cross. She has a history of self mutilation, by biting herself, and tearing the hair out of her back. She seems to do this more when her “father” ignores her or is away. Allergies to fleas etc doesn’t seem to be the cause. She is perfectly settled, when she  is content with the attention her male owner is giving her.

Blue Mink was chosen for its  soothing properties on the skin, and it was the only essence used initially.

At first, she enjoyed the spray, and used to “ask” her “mother” for it . This went on for several days but suddenly, she avoided any contact with the spray. We changed the application to drops in her food, but she sensed that her “mother” was doing something odd, so she stopped eating.

We added Woman Worth to the Blue Mink, as an aid to Scrappy feeling more comfortable in herself. She had been with her male owner long before he married.

The battle of wills continued, each of the main “women” in this man’s life determined to have her way. The breakthrough happened when Ryan, the eldest boy in the family took the dog, and lovingly told her what his mother was trying to do to help her.

She willingly accepted the drops in her food, and now is bright, happy, and no longer self mutilating, even though the relationship with her “father” doesn’t seem to have changed.

Animals are people too, and the essences work wonderfully on them.

This client is known as Trixie, she is a miniature mare.

She suffers from allergies to mosquito bites, which manifest as open  lesions on  her skin. She also had some areas of rain scald, a condition where the hair falls out, and the skin is bare.

These itch constantly, and cause her great distress, as she constantly scratches them.

I applied Blue Mink in a spray to the affected areas. This was intended to soothe the area, and ease the itching.  The spray was used twice a day, and because it was applied to the lesions topically, she had to have several areas sprayed each time.

The effect was immediate. She stopped scratching, and the sores, that had been open and sensitive to touch became dry, and within a week the hair began to regrow.

Trixie is now happier than before the treatment, and instead of scratching on the trees, she spends her time catching up on some serious eating.

She also now wants the spray, instead of walking away when I approach her with it.

The time had come for me to sell my precious donkeys, due to restriction of available land for them to use. this was a haed decision, but one that was necessary.

They were advertised, and subsequently sold… to two different properties.

I had three donkeys in all. Two adults, and a foal, who had been weaned. It had been my greatest wish that they could go to the same property, but such was not the case.

The time came for mother and son to travel to Victoria, leaving dad behind. The day was not  a happy one for anyone, least of all for myself.

In anticipation of this, I had made a mix of Bleeding Heart and Crisis Calm, and applied these in a spray for several days before departure. These essences were chosen as a means of controlling fear about the move, as well as dealing with the grief of loss form each other.

Loading these two animals was easier than we had expected, as they seemed to be very calm and accepting of their situation.

After they left, my remaining boy was anxious, and braying from time to time. I applied the combination to him each time i heard the distress in his voice. The effect was instantaneous! Each time i applied it, he began to yawn  and snuggle into me for reassurance.  I was amazed. His time to travel arrived, and as before, I applied the essence regularly, and told him what was happening. He was reasonably co-operative in loading, and this was achieved without any drama (a miracle with a male donkey.) I gave a bottle of the mix to his new owners, and they reported that all arrived safely.

I also need to stress that i also tool liberal doses myself, as i had some trepidation about parting with these beautifuf animals.

Thanks to the essences, a difficult situation was resolved .

Ian davies.

Flea Spray

  • 20mls Neem Oil to
  • One litre water
  • 7 drops Lavender Oil
  • 7 drops Mint [or mint leaves]
  • 7 drops Lemon Oil.
  • 7 drops Blue Mink and Macaranga

Combine all ingredients. Shake well before use.

Either use a spray bottle or wipe on fur with a cloth soaked in solution

Insect Repellant

  • 2 handful  Wormwood
  • 1 handful Rue
  • ½ handful Rosemary

Powder dry herbs and place in jar. Fill with Safflower Oil [Olive] plus 1tsp Apple Cider Vinegar.

Place in sunlight, shake twice daily. Do not remove Herbs. This takes about a month to mature [less for Australia and in summer]

Into 3.5 ounces (100ml) of this mix, add ½  teaspoon Eucalyptus + 1tsp Oil and seven drops Crisis Calm and Macaranga.

Shake bottle well. Moisten a piece of cloth, pour oil onto this. Wipe on fur, may be repeated every five hours if needed.


This is another inexpensive and useful treatment for home and sleeping places and most supermarkets sell it.

For inside use, put into a shaker bottle and sprinkle all over carpets, leave for as long as possible an hour or two would be great, then vacuum and burn the bag.

Outside, you need to damp down the area first; this brings fleas to the surface. then sprinkle on powder, after a couple of hours damp down again with seven drops of Lomandra added to water to  clear toxicity, and stop powder residue from blowing away.

Cedar Wood

Fleas and insects hate cedar wood, you can mix seven drops in atomizer bottle with 100 ml water and seven drops Lomandra.

Spray your animal’s bedding and let dry.  Or make up larger quantities to spray around their kennel or sleeping places.

This mix can be sprayed around the skirting boards and edge of carpets for inside.

Inside in my cupboards, pantry, under furniture etc, I keep the little wooden balls and put on new oil when they have no more smell.

Diatomaceous Earth

This is a fine powder used in swimming pool filters. The ground-up coral acts to eat the wax coating off the fleas and they can’t jump, when they can’t jump they can’t breed.

It is great to sprinkle on carpets and floors leave for a couple of hours, then vacuum and burn vacuum bag if possible.

Use outdoors the same way as Borax (above), but with Lomandra, but wear a mask when initially sprinkling as it is so fine it could irritate airways.

~Meta Robins

At this time of year a lot of animals seem to scratch a lot for no apparent reason, the most obvious being fleas. If you do not think your pets have fleas, they may have been bitten and become allergic to the saliva from the flea. You can help by adding a cup of apple Cider Vinegar to a large bucket of water to rinse them off after their bath, fleas don’t like it and it will neutralise any shampoo or saliva residue. Also a cucumber placed in a blender or food processor and processed till a pulp is great to put on any ‘hot spots’ or places they continue to chew at. The mixture can be kept in the fridge and dabbed on as often as necessary, add some Blue Mink to the mixture.

You can add some Blue Mink to their food for a week and see if there is a difference. Also homeopathic Apis will often help.

Apple Cider Vinegar is also good to add to their drinking water, you only need about five or six drops in two litres of water, it replaces minerals and helps to keep their tummies from being soured by the heat. You will have to wash their dishes more often; they tend to get a bit slimy.

Please use stainless steel or ceramic for water, plastic ones leech chemicals into the water. Same applies to their eating bowls.

Try to cut down on beef, use chicken wings, frames or necks of course these must be raw. A lot of dry dog food contains so much colour and preservative that it is often a factor that contributes to the problem [read labels] there are ones that contain little or none. I use soaked Barley Flakes.

Many grasses will make your dog itch, especially as they are looking for somewhere cool to lie down, Wandering Dew is cool and one of the worst offenders for dogs. If you have it growing maybe you could get really game and do the’ like treats like’ and add some drops of Wandering Dew to their food. Lomandra and Storm Lily would also help with the hot angry aspects of the problem. If using drops in the mouth make sure dropper is washed thoroughly in water after each use. The doses are the same as for humans (ie 7 drops in the mouth), so there is no need for working out weight etc. of any animals.

I have used Flower Essences for many years to treat all sorts of problems in animals and they respond very well. Flower Essences are simple to use, easily administered, Flower Essences will not oppose traditional drugs, and there are no side effects. They are inexpensive and can be used in spray bottles for difficult animals. If used in drinking water that is shared only the animal that needs the remedy gets the effect.

~Meta Robins

I wanted to tell you about one of my Border Collies.

She is a young girl that had her first puppies in January 2009.

There were no problems during her pregnancy and she had her seven puppies all in the normal time frames. They were beautiful little babies and she was a very good mum. After a couple of days I noticed that she didn’t have any discharge, which  would be what is considered normal and she seemed  a bit hot. I took her to the vet’s and he thought that her cervix had closed up too fast after giving birth. As there was no offensive odour or other signs of stuck after birth he decided to put her on a course of antibiotics just to be sure there were no infection.

She remained ‘off colour’ and didn’t really get her appetite back, so I started her on lots of natural products and flower essences, she eventually came good and was back to her happy self. She had the most awful coat, like straw, and never lost it when they usually do around when pups are eight weeks.

When it was time for her to come into season again, she didn’t cycle properly, hardly at all in fact. Mostly everything else was alright, she was eating and I was giving her extra vegetables and fruits in her diet and Kelp.

I decided to put her on a course of Body Love and after she finished the two weeks she appeared to be much happier in herself. The next time I was bathing her hand fulls of coat started to come out everywhere and when she dried she looked truly moth-eaten, I spent the next two days brushing her and ended up with a shopping bag full of the old coat. She now has the most beautiful soft, dark coat and she has just been ‘in season’ and has gone through her whole cycle how I would consider a normal cycle to be for her.

I consider this to be a fabulous out come, no drugs, no chemicals and such an easy way to treat her. Seven drops twice a day in the corner of her mouth.

~Meta Robins