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My name is Joyce and I first met Meta two years ago at a workshop she did as an introduction to Flower Essences.

My girlfriend made me go, I didn’t want to, I was taking time off from work ‘stress related’. I was in a ‘dead end’ relationship [in hindsight] and I was having my ongoing arguments with my mother.

As the workshop progressed something changed and I became very interested in what was being said about Flower Essences and how they worked and how easy it was to take them.

After the workshop I spoke to Meta and she suggested an Essence for me to take and a spray for clearing negative energy, I was still sceptical.

I started to notice a change in my attitude to some things that were ongoing in my life and I phoned Meta to make an appointment to see her and ask some questions about what was happening.

The first time I saw Meta it was very emotional and I was still blaming every one for my situation, I found it difficult to talk about my problems as I always felt guilty that it was my fault, I wasn’t good enough, I was a bad daughter, If I did more my boyfriend wouldn’t drink and gamble the way he did etc. etc. I didn’t like my job.

Meta was always patient with me and many times I have phoned her in tears and we just talked and tried to calmly work through the current turmoil.

I found the more Flower Essences I took that I seemed to be handling things a bit better and started to see that my boyfriend had problems and it wasn’t my fault at all. After a particular bad bought of drinking and taking my wages from me again, with Meta’s help and my girlfriend I decided to leave him and move away. I lost my job as well at that time and was taking Flower Essences like crazy.

My girlfriend and I moved in together at the coast and I walked on the beach every morning, at Meta’s insistence I tried to just focus on me getting better, it wasn’t easy and pressure from my mother increased about being lazy and not having a job. One morning on my way home I saw restaurant advertising for a waitress and I thought ‘what the heck’. I started on the Monday a quiet day [as a trial] and they were closed Tuesday and they rang and asked me to come back Wednesday. I was a mess emotionally but managed the week. I didn’t drop anything or spill anything on anyone; I felt I was shaking all the time though. They said I smiled nicely at the customers and asked me if I would like a permanent job.

I saw Meta the next week and we changed the drops to something new and I was enjoying talking to most people that came into work. I have been there for a year and love my job and now manage “table bookings” and have a holiday coming up.

My mother is planning a family type reunion and I am not sure if I want to go.

Meta has made me some new essences with Acacia, Black Nightshade, Bleeding Heart, Cassia and Dandelion and a bottle with just Dandelion. I am taking them before I go on my short holiday and then I will see if I can go to the family bash. Meta says I can always walk away, but I have never been able to do that.

I went and I survived! My niece came walking with me and she has similar problems with my family and we started sharing Dandelion and talking and talking and I am starting to look at my mother differently now and noticed that I am not clenching my jaw, which is very painful at night, when I notice it. Now my niece wants Dandelion too.

Meta was so happy when I told her all of this and she has posted me some drops.

It was lovely to get back to the peace and quiet of my unit and my girlfriend keeps remarking about how different I look.

I still love my job even though I get very tired. My girlfriend and I have started a new eating plan together, taking turns at preparing meals is getting easier as there is no criticism about the food we are sharing and I am starting to enjoy my life. I have noticed that my mother hasn’t been phoning as much since I came home, we don’t discuss why and comments about me being a waitress seem to be less, last call my job wasn’t mentioned at all.

After my last visit with Meta I feel that I have opened up to her a lot about my past and for once I don’t feel embarrassed to talk, Meta says there is a big difference and noticed that I had lost weight and looked healthier and that is how I am starting to feel ‘lighter’.

This is also a good thing to write this down for me to look at and I have shared more with Meta, I think I have driven her nuts at times, but she never said.

This is a testament from:



February 2010.

Joyce is a fifty year old woman who has been a previous client. She has been working on self esteem issues and an estranged relationship with her mother. For many years her mother has reinforced constantly that she is unable to achieve anything worthwhile with her life or relationships. This was related as ‘I told you so attitude’ after a partnership break up.

We have been working with the essences and there has been a gradual improvement over time and she has been able to recognise that the break-up was the best thing for her wellbeing. Mother is still critical of her though Joyce she feels it does not affect her as much and she doesn’t need to defend herself to her mother like she used to.

Before Christmas the family had decided to have a large gathering this year and Joyce was not going to go, then decided that if she started some essences before hand that maybe she could turn up and if the situation was difficult she would leave. This was a very brave move on her part, I have not heard her say that she would walk away from an unacceptable situation, I reminded her that she had been able to do it with her partner, even though it had been difficult, she had gradually moved forward with her life.

So we made up a mix with Acacia for her anxieties, Black Nightshade for the mother child conflict and her poor image of herself, Bleeding Heart for her closed heart attitude towards her mother, Cassia for clarity and self healing, and Dandelion to keep her grounded and centred. We also made another bottle of just Dandelion that she wanted to keep in her pocket, a bit like a security blanket.

Today I listened to a woman tell me that she had been able to see her mother differently for the first time and that she felt sorry for her and how shallow she was and had even noticed that her mother runs other people down the same way. Bravo!

The two days with the family worked out reasonably well in the regard that she managed to stay and on a couple of occasions when Joyce went for a walk, to take Dandelion and calm down, one of her nieces went walking with her and said she was glad to be able to get away for awhile ‘as the atmosphere gets so tense’ around her Aunty.

Joyce’s niece has also been introduced to Dandelion and has ordered one for herself. ‘It is the greatest thing since sliced bread’  was her comment.

Joyce has also had reinforcement that other people feel the same way, I can see an improvement in the way she talks about the weekend and she now thinks walking away is no big deal if she doesn’t want to be there, regardless of what her mother thinks.

All in all this has been the biggest step in her personal growth for a long time. Another positive comment she said a couple of times was it was nice to find out it wasn’t just her and that she was so glad to get home to her Unit for peace and quiet – loneliness has been a big issue previously. I feel that she is definitely more comfortable with herself and improved self image.

~Meta Robins

Evelyn is a 45 year old woman who has been treated for re-occurring digestive problems, which causes weight gain and discomfort with gas. Lower back pain has been treated with Bowen Therapy and chiropractic-massage.

She has complaints about her body image now, which is bothering her because she has just started a new job as a manager and wants to present a good image to her staff. As this is a new system they are working with, it is often frustrating, with new staff adjustments, requiring her to put in extra hours at work as well as a lot of paperwork. This is making her very tired and then she has trouble sleeping when she does get to bed.

I prescribed Vital Energy for her which she takes to work and leaves on her desk to remind her to take when she is getting tired as well as Crisis Calm to help with the emotional aspects of her job.

I then prescribed Dandelion for her to help her liver and tiredness, Black Nightshade to help with body image, tiredness, Lomandra also for liver and to help with the co-operation aspects she needs with her new staff. This will also raise her immune levels, [to most things that go on].

After two weeks there have been dramatic changes both in her work and with her staff, who are now diving into her office to pinch her Crisis Calm whenever they need it.

She decided she would put a bottle of Crisis Calm, Vital Energy, Woman Worth and Body Love in the lunch room where they are all free to take them when ever they like. Fiona has put some little plastic shot glasses next to them and they put their drops in then add some water.

When she goes home on a Friday she takes whatever needs to be topped up and returns them on Monday. One female staff member was under review from Evelyn’s boss because of her attitude and Evelyn suggested she take Body Love and when he came back 10 days later her wanted to know what Evelyn had done to her as he said ‘it is like you have a different person working for you’. It looks as if she will keep her job.

Evelyn herself has reported that she is coping better and has not put on any further weight and at her last Bowen treatment, the therapist has noticed a change in her liver and spleen functions.

She likes the idea of having the other essences at work for her staff and she has even noticed the guys taking them, but she didn’t ask what one they were taking.

She is finding that she is getting into a better routine with her sleeping and not mulling over the day before she goes to sleep.

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