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Reflections on Divine FeminineCyclone Marcia has just been and gone here in South-East Queensland as I write this post…..there has been water, water, water everywhere, accompanied by highly destructive winds in areas closer to the tirade.

This is the vengeful Divine Feminine whose fury knows no bounds and whose response to the wanton recklessness of humankind’s arrogance has bought humanity to the brink, and Gaia, embodiment of the Divine Feminine, to the end of her tether.

From 2012 onwards the scales have tipped and we are heading fast and furiously towards transformational change, that could end anywhere for humanity. Brought about by the catastrophic effects of climate change and humanity’s arrogance and lack of consciousness to conserve, support and husband the planet rather than raping, plundering and intoxicating her, this is evolution on the march and our planetary home will never be the same again.

As human beings, we will be forced to our knees more regularly and more savagely by climatic catastrophes, the toxic and brutal effects of a war-mongering tribal outlook and a plundering of Her resources to harness outdated energy sources, until we learn the lesson of taking her for granted and possessing her rather than consciously co-creating with her.

Scientific discoveries made half way through last century in the 1950’s and ‘60’s revealed a remarkable synchronicity: that the electro-magnetic pulse of the planet, The Schumann wave, brought about by the inter-relationship between the globe itself and the outer reaches of her ionosphere (triggered by lightning strikes), measures 7.8 hz* and is identical to the 7.8 hz alpha rhythm frequencies of the human brain. In other words, in our healthy state the human life pulse is in perfect synchronicity with the life pulse of the planet!


What does this tell us about the relationship between humans and the planet? Certainly that we are attuned to one another’s consciousness and vibrating to the same life pulse. And that both the planet and humanity are inter-dependent and engaged in a reciprocal partnership through a process of co-creation, both evolving in and around one another. The fantastic notion of ‘riding Mother Nature’s silver seed to a new home in the sun’ as expressed by Neil Young’s 1960’s song ‘After the Goldrush’ describes humanity sending out an exploratory space craft to seek another home in the wake of devastation and destruction of Planet Earth. In reality, this 'Plan B', to be activated in the event of the total destruction of the planet, is not at all feasible.

Humanity is intrinsically interlinked, indeed one, with the Earth and the Earth is co-created by humanity. Humanity has been formed, structured and physically and consciously evolved within the auric envelope of Mother Earth. And she reciprocally, in the last one hundred and fifty years especially, has transformed her state of being in response to human intervention. This is patently evident with the clear scientific evidence that spells out massive shifts in weather patterns, ocean currents, atmospheric makeup and plant and animal extinction in response to destruction of habitat.

Humanity and its home planet Earth are co-creators in the true sense of the word, morphing and changing in response to one another. How other could humans survive and thrive in an alien landscape, unless by morphing into a completely new species?

Humanity has been heading up the wrong path with the polarized ‘separation’ thinking of the Patriachal paradigm. We know this because Gaia Herself has begun to show signs and symptoms of imbalance. Enveloped within Her energetic envelope we cannot help but be experiencing the same discomfort.

Enter the Divine Feminine, the emergent consciousness flooding the planet right now. This powerfully yin energy calls for a return to nature and natural ways, and fosters connection and conservation principles that seek to work with and align with the planetary consciousness of Gaia rather than to objectify, rape and plunder Her. In reflecting Her wisdom and intelligence through sciences such as Biomimicry, where human design mimics Nature’s intelligent design providing massive financial and environmental advantage, humanity co-creates with Her, in an act of mutually rewarding reciprocity.


The Divine Feminine expresses the yin polarity, manifested in the body through the yin energy centres of the second, fourth and sixth chakras. These chakras  promote the consciousness of expansion of intuition, love and spiritual perception and foster connection, collaboration, conservation and a sense of the unity of all beings. Through this prism we realign with our planetary home, reflecting one another so that together we are One.

In honouring and furthering the Divine Feminine, we stand on equal footing with the Divine Masculine, restoring harmony and balance to both humanity and the planet we call home.

* the hertz (symbol Hz) is the unit of frequency defined as one cycle per second

An auspicious event in the astrological calendar, the Venus Transit, is occurring on June 6th 2012. There is much excitement in scientific circles about this event, but it is its spiritual significance that will affect us all globally. Venus eclipsing the Sun represents a strengthening of the Divine Feminine energies to support a return to the lore of love as the driving force on our planet.

The transformation brought about by the showering of these beautiful Venusian energies will lead humanity into a higher spiritual path. What we can expect, as this wisdom settles into our consciousness, is a peaceful way of being that wants no part in war, aggression, killing and mutilating, environmental degradation, chaos, starvation and moral breakdown. These atrocities will be no longer tenable or even thinkable in the light of the new awareness that is being ushered onto the planet right now and magnified with this series of powerful astrological events.


Transits of Venus occur in pairs, eight years apart. The previous one was on 8th June 2004 and on June 6th 2012, the second in the current
pair of transits is occurring. There won’t be another transit until 2117, over a hundred years from now. The last pair of transits was in 1874 and 1882. During this time there was a call for women’s rights and Feminism was born.



Venus transits represent a greater focus on feminine energy and love being downloaded to us from the celestial realms. Venus rules love, values, self-worth, abundance, finances, harmony, beauty, the Arts, relaxation, pleasure, and sex.

The Dalai Lama has spoken about how women will save the earth – he refers to the fact that women have the Venusian qualities of connection, love, nurturing and support inscripted into their biology and how by allowing these qualities to come to the fore, we can help humankind transform to bring about a peaceful and loving society.

Women have been forced to take second place in the patriarchal society that has dominated Western culture over the past three thousand years. However, there are many recorded stories in Ancient Wisdom of women playing important roles as healers, goddesses, shamans, leaders and saviours.

It is this powerful Divine Feminine energy that is now coming into play at a Cosmic level – and bathing humanity in its transformative glow.

Women must come into their strength and take their turn at leading humankind into the New Light.

This does not mean that women will dominate men into subservience.  The energy of the feminine is about power-sharing, inclusion, connection and support, so it is more likely that men will feel empowered and willing to power-share, grateful that the responsibility which has rested so heavily on their shoulders, will be lightened and co-opted.

This re-emergence of the Divine Feminine is not an ending, but rather a necessary step towards ultimate balance, where the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine sit easily side-by-side to bring about peaceful co-existence on Earth, with the planet and with all her Kingdoms; human, plant, animal and mineral.

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The Divine Feminine

2012 has been hailed as the year of the ‘end’ of life as we know it – predictions of catastrophic events have served to create fear and trembling on one level of understanding, but  those whose feet are planted firmly in the ‘real’ recognise that the end of one cycle automatically opens to another. The signs of change are all around us as climatic, economic and political instability grab the news headlines, and we are forced, in our personal lives, to reconsider novel ways of navigating our relationships, our work habits and social interactions in order to retain some sense of control. The old order is rapidly changing.

The advent of the internet has been one of the most critical agents of change in our global, national and local community and our social, working and personal lives.

Enabling interconnectedness through networking, its significance in politics, the media, commerce, education, the spread of information to the furthest out reaches of the globe has been transformational for the human community. In the personal arena is has fostered connections between people for the promotion of trade, the  gathering of interest groups, the strengthening and expansion of friendships and the blossoming of intimate relationships.

The global interconnectedness facilitated by the internet  has brought about a deeper global awareness of the need for our human family to work together in relationship with one another, and with the planet, if all seven billion of us are to survive and enjoy an abundant and fulfilled life. The information super highway of the internet has reached and informed even the most geographically isolated people, and has precipitated a desire for all to share in the abundance and quality that life can offer – provided all humans can learn to share.

With these demands arising from the groundswell, humanity is being forced to change the way the world has been structured up to now. The changes demanded of us are so precipitous and challenging, we need to know how to navigate the transition, let alone feel confident that everything is unfolding as it should be.

From the Course of Miracles comes a reminder to focus on what is real in our own lives, rather than on fears:

” Nothing unreal exists.

Nothing unreal can be threatened.

Herein lies the peace of God”

In unpacking the ‘trend’ of the change, it seems that some of the words that might describe what is being asked of us as we transit the inexorable transits all around us are: interconnectedness rather than separation, mindful conservation rather than mindless consumption, helpful co-operation rather than harmful competition, mutual support rather than self-centred independence, considered management rather than speculative risk-taking and planned resourcefulness rather than reckless expenditure.

Each quality listed above is asking us in one way or another to move into relationship – with one another, nation to nation and humanity to the planet.

 The ability to be in relationship is an endowment of the Divine Feminine.

Human beings have been very much under the influence of the Divine Masculine for the past three thousand years or more. We needed to be, because we were in the growth and development stage of human consciousness. But now is the time for us to move into our hearts and to do so we need to embrace the Divine Feminine. Let’s look at how we can do that in our personal relationships…..

St Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. This is a day when we celebrate the Divine Feminine energy of the heart. We come into the heart when we move from a position of being centred solely within the self (ego-centred) to a place where we are centred between ourselves and the other. In so doing, we come into relationship.

From this stance, we can celebrate differences, negotiate outcomes, co-operate for mutual advantage and more readily recognise our own part in disharmony, thereby defusing conflict. Instead of being the judge, critically evaluating the other from a lofty position, we become the empathiser, understanding the human-ness of ourselves and others. Relationships flourish under this perspective.

When was the last time, in the middle of an argument, you stopped in midstream to consider ‘what part am I playing in this disagreement? and what did I contribute to this situation?’ Most of us take the adversarial stance in a dispute, thinking from our own ego-centred self, ‘I am right and he/she is wrong’!

From the Divine Feminine perspective, we soften our position to allow the other to be fully present in our consciousness, even in dispute. By sharing the moment from the heart and celebrating our differences in the here and now, we allow the other to have a point of view while simultaneously upholding and empathising with our own position. In this way we come into the space between ourselves where resolution is easier. Often the outcome is laughter with a mutual sense of renewed ability to negotiate the dispute.

This is Goddess energy. It is the energy of love, peace, allowance and co-operation. And it is awakened on the planet in 2012.

Aspects of Goddess energy have been articulated powerfully in human history through mythology and inscribed in the heavens as the Asteroid Goddesses. Those that pertain to love, romance, innocence and deflecting the wounds of love include:

Aphrodite – the Lover archetype involves Venus and the Air signs especially Libra

Persephone – the Innocent Daughter archetype involving water signs especially Scorpio and Pisces

Hestia – the Spiritual Devotee archetype involving Earth signs and especially Virgo and Capricorn

Artemis Goddess of the Hunt – the feminine warrior archetype involving thMars and the Fire signs especially Aries and Sagittaruis

The Asteroid Goddesses express the many aspects of the Divine Feminine – the energy being ushered in during 2012 and to which all humans will be exposed during the next phase in the evolution of consciousness. As we learn to gracefully engage in relationships in all aspects of life, not just personal, we will experience more peace in the world and an atmosphere of pervading love that will enable us to survive as a species and enjoy communion with other life forms on the planet, for mutual life enhancement.

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