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This is about Alex, a young man aged 24. He has had a long history of insomnia, and presented to me initially for hypnosis.

This young man has a series of problems that he knows he needs to address.  He lives at home with his parents, and the dynamics within the family unit are challenging. His mother reported that he has always had difficulty settling, since he was an infant. During our initial consultation, we established that his underlying issue was fear of going to sleep.

I initially prescribed Crisis Calm to be taken regularly, and as needed at bed time, as a means of addressing his adrenal overload, related to the underlying, but ever-present fear. This was combined with Blue Mink to assist with the feeling of being threatened.

The next visit, he reported that he had been sleeping better, but not as well as he wanted. He reported that he would wake during the night and not be able to return to sleep. He did however appear to have had a shift in his energy pattern to a more peaceful state. He was less guarded in his responses to question, and was more relaxed generally.

Whenever the subject of sleep arose, his energy changed dramatically, and I saw a frightened little boy.

After long discussion, I prescribed Lantana , and Cordyline as he has a dependent relationship with his mother who is over protective, and an ambivalent relationship with his father. These two were combined with Cassia as a means of addressing his fear, and to promote his self reliance.

This has been a major turning point in this young man’s life. He is more positive, and outgoing. He reports that he has addressed issues at his work tat he previously has avoided. He is also going to embark on overcoming his fear of driving, which will be a hugely liberating process. I expect to be seeing more of Alex as we work through his issues. He is now sleeping well, and after we accessed a past life experience with hypnosis, and dealt with it, he no longer has the fear that has plagued him all his life.

He is a convert to Flower essences, and it is only through the clearing and balancing work of the essences that he had the courage to attempt the regression process, and gain his freedom.

~Ian Davies

Sarah is a 30yr old new mum and she has a long history of allergies to foods and was consequently brought up in a very ‘smother love’ situation in her family home by her mother.

She has tried many prescribed medications for her allergies as well as some natural treatments, usually resulting in them ‘making her sick’, so she stops taking them.

Sarah was referred to me as she is breast feeding her baby and doesn’t want to take anything to jeopardise her feeding the baby or to affect the baby. She has been very tired with broken nights with the new bub.

I prescribed Lantana for the ‘smother love’ and the guilt that she feels as she can’t go running every time her mother wants her. Also Vital Energy to help with her energy levels and tiredness.

When I saw Sarah two weeks later she was really happy to report that a change had happened with the way she was with her mother and that she not longer felt obliged to try to see her mother. She felt she was able to go to her place with out fear of reprisal for not being there everyday. She even feels that she now likes to just ‘drop in’ sometimes. She is not so tired and has adopted a more comfortable routine with the baby and both of them are getting more sleep.

Sarah is in a situation where every second week, she and her partner have his two children from a previous marriage for a week, this has caused her some concern as she wants to be really confident with his children as well. I suggested Woman Worth which she took for over two weeks and she has been able to sit down with the oldest daughter and explain that she didn’t want to take her mother’s job, but she would like her to know that she would be her friend and if she had any concerns she could talk to her in confidence. This has worked really well and it seems as if the young girl has accepted Sarah on a different level now and they are both very comfortable with each other. That young girl asked Sarah about the essences and wanted something for stress, so she was given a bottle of Blue Mink and she has relayed to Sarah that she doesn’t feel so pressured now.

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