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Joyce is a fifty year old woman who has been a previous client. She has been working on self esteem issues and an estranged relationship with her mother. For many years her mother has reinforced constantly that she is unable to achieve anything worthwhile with her life or relationships. This was related as ‘I told you so attitude’ after a partnership break up.

We have been working with the essences and there has been a gradual improvement over time and she has been able to recognise that the break-up was the best thing for her wellbeing. Mother is still critical of her though Joyce she feels it does not affect her as much and she doesn’t need to defend herself to her mother like she used to.

Before Christmas the family had decided to have a large gathering this year and Joyce was not going to go, then decided that if she started some essences before hand that maybe she could turn up and if the situation was difficult she would leave. This was a very brave move on her part, I have not heard her say that she would walk away from an unacceptable situation, I reminded her that she had been able to do it with her partner, even though it had been difficult, she had gradually moved forward with her life.

So we made up a mix with Acacia for her anxieties, Black Nightshade for the mother child conflict and her poor image of herself, Bleeding Heart for her closed heart attitude towards her mother, Cassia for clarity and self healing, and Dandelion to keep her grounded and centred. We also made another bottle of just Dandelion that she wanted to keep in her pocket, a bit like a security blanket.

Today I listened to a woman tell me that she had been able to see her mother differently for the first time and that she felt sorry for her and how shallow she was and had even noticed that her mother runs other people down the same way. Bravo!

The two days with the family worked out reasonably well in the regard that she managed to stay and on a couple of occasions when Joyce went for a walk, to take Dandelion and calm down, one of her nieces went walking with her and said she was glad to be able to get away for awhile ‘as the atmosphere gets so tense’ around her Aunty.

Joyce’s niece has also been introduced to Dandelion and has ordered one for herself. ‘It is the greatest thing since sliced bread’  was her comment.

Joyce has also had reinforcement that other people feel the same way, I can see an improvement in the way she talks about the weekend and she now thinks walking away is no big deal if she doesn’t want to be there, regardless of what her mother thinks.

All in all this has been the biggest step in her personal growth for a long time. Another positive comment she said a couple of times was it was nice to find out it wasn’t just her and that she was so glad to get home to her Unit for peace and quiet – loneliness has been a big issue previously. I feel that she is definitely more comfortable with herself and improved self image.

~Meta Robins

Flea Spray

  • 20mls Neem Oil to
  • One litre water
  • 7 drops Lavender Oil
  • 7 drops Mint [or mint leaves]
  • 7 drops Lemon Oil.
  • 7 drops Blue Mink and Macaranga

Combine all ingredients. Shake well before use.

Either use a spray bottle or wipe on fur with a cloth soaked in solution

Insect Repellant

  • 2 handful  Wormwood
  • 1 handful Rue
  • ½ handful Rosemary

Powder dry herbs and place in jar. Fill with Safflower Oil [Olive] plus 1tsp Apple Cider Vinegar.

Place in sunlight, shake twice daily. Do not remove Herbs. This takes about a month to mature [less for Australia and in summer]

Into 3.5 ounces (100ml) of this mix, add ½  teaspoon Eucalyptus + 1tsp Oil and seven drops Crisis Calm and Macaranga.

Shake bottle well. Moisten a piece of cloth, pour oil onto this. Wipe on fur, may be repeated every five hours if needed.


This is another inexpensive and useful treatment for home and sleeping places and most supermarkets sell it.

For inside use, put into a shaker bottle and sprinkle all over carpets, leave for as long as possible an hour or two would be great, then vacuum and burn the bag.

Outside, you need to damp down the area first; this brings fleas to the surface. then sprinkle on powder, after a couple of hours damp down again with seven drops of Lomandra added to water to  clear toxicity, and stop powder residue from blowing away.

Cedar Wood

Fleas and insects hate cedar wood, you can mix seven drops in atomizer bottle with 100 ml water and seven drops Lomandra.

Spray your animal’s bedding and let dry.  Or make up larger quantities to spray around their kennel or sleeping places.

This mix can be sprayed around the skirting boards and edge of carpets for inside.

Inside in my cupboards, pantry, under furniture etc, I keep the little wooden balls and put on new oil when they have no more smell.

Diatomaceous Earth

This is a fine powder used in swimming pool filters. The ground-up coral acts to eat the wax coating off the fleas and they can’t jump, when they can’t jump they can’t breed.

It is great to sprinkle on carpets and floors leave for a couple of hours, then vacuum and burn vacuum bag if possible.

Use outdoors the same way as Borax (above), but with Lomandra, but wear a mask when initially sprinkling as it is so fine it could irritate airways.

~Meta Robins

At this time of year a lot of animals seem to scratch a lot for no apparent reason, the most obvious being fleas. If you do not think your pets have fleas, they may have been bitten and become allergic to the saliva from the flea. You can help by adding a cup of apple Cider Vinegar to a large bucket of water to rinse them off after their bath, fleas don’t like it and it will neutralise any shampoo or saliva residue. Also a cucumber placed in a blender or food processor and processed till a pulp is great to put on any ‘hot spots’ or places they continue to chew at. The mixture can be kept in the fridge and dabbed on as often as necessary, add some Blue Mink to the mixture.

You can add some Blue Mink to their food for a week and see if there is a difference. Also homeopathic Apis will often help.

Apple Cider Vinegar is also good to add to their drinking water, you only need about five or six drops in two litres of water, it replaces minerals and helps to keep their tummies from being soured by the heat. You will have to wash their dishes more often; they tend to get a bit slimy.

Please use stainless steel or ceramic for water, plastic ones leech chemicals into the water. Same applies to their eating bowls.

Try to cut down on beef, use chicken wings, frames or necks of course these must be raw. A lot of dry dog food contains so much colour and preservative that it is often a factor that contributes to the problem [read labels] there are ones that contain little or none. I use soaked Barley Flakes.

Many grasses will make your dog itch, especially as they are looking for somewhere cool to lie down, Wandering Dew is cool and one of the worst offenders for dogs. If you have it growing maybe you could get really game and do the’ like treats like’ and add some drops of Wandering Dew to their food. Lomandra and Storm Lily would also help with the hot angry aspects of the problem. If using drops in the mouth make sure dropper is washed thoroughly in water after each use. The doses are the same as for humans (ie 7 drops in the mouth), so there is no need for working out weight etc. of any animals.

I have used Flower Essences for many years to treat all sorts of problems in animals and they respond very well. Flower Essences are simple to use, easily administered, Flower Essences will not oppose traditional drugs, and there are no side effects. They are inexpensive and can be used in spray bottles for difficult animals. If used in drinking water that is shared only the animal that needs the remedy gets the effect.

~Meta Robins

I wanted to tell you about one of my Border Collies.

She is a young girl that had her first puppies in January 2009.

There were no problems during her pregnancy and she had her seven puppies all in the normal time frames. They were beautiful little babies and she was a very good mum. After a couple of days I noticed that she didn’t have any discharge, which  would be what is considered normal and she seemed  a bit hot. I took her to the vet’s and he thought that her cervix had closed up too fast after giving birth. As there was no offensive odour or other signs of stuck after birth he decided to put her on a course of antibiotics just to be sure there were no infection.

She remained ‘off colour’ and didn’t really get her appetite back, so I started her on lots of natural products and flower essences, she eventually came good and was back to her happy self. She had the most awful coat, like straw, and never lost it when they usually do around when pups are eight weeks.

When it was time for her to come into season again, she didn’t cycle properly, hardly at all in fact. Mostly everything else was alright, she was eating and I was giving her extra vegetables and fruits in her diet and Kelp.

I decided to put her on a course of Body Love and after she finished the two weeks she appeared to be much happier in herself. The next time I was bathing her hand fulls of coat started to come out everywhere and when she dried she looked truly moth-eaten, I spent the next two days brushing her and ended up with a shopping bag full of the old coat. She now has the most beautiful soft, dark coat and she has just been ‘in season’ and has gone through her whole cycle how I would consider a normal cycle to be for her.

I consider this to be a fabulous out come, no drugs, no chemicals and such an easy way to treat her. Seven drops twice a day in the corner of her mouth.

~Meta Robins

This young five year old boy‘s case is relayed by his mother and we won’t use his name because of his age.

Apparently he is very clever young man, reading, doing grade two, maths and many other things well beyond his age group. A problem has become apparent since starting Prep: that he is different and he doesn’t want to be. He displays this by’ hanging out’ only with the kids that want to play and do nothing else. He has become very serious and not interested in anything.

Arrangements had been made for him to be tested as a ‘gifted child’ and he refused to do the work, playing dumb. Mum has been quite distressed with the situation as well.

I thought to try Milkweed and Pink Shamrock to see what it would trigger in him. On the next visit there had been a remarkable change in the young man as related by his mum of him ‘rolling around the floor laughing hysterically at apparently nothing’. A visit to the Circus with his father had much the same thing happening, to the extent that the patrons were hysterically laughing at his hysterical laughter.

For the next lot of essences I decided to go with Pink Shamrock again and added Macaranga and Milkweed. There has been given a bottle of Crisis Calm for sharing by the family.

Mum is considering trying to make arrangements for another assessment of his abilities.

His mother and father are also taking essences so they can all work through this together. It is a very rewarding process when the whole family decides to give it a go.

Meta Robins, October 2009

Well the storms last week were a good chance to try out Crisis Calm on the dogs.

I have a young pup that hasn’t seen any in his lifetime; he has decided that thunder needs to be barked at, really to be told off for disturbing the peace.

As this was during the night I didn’t take the plunge across the yard to the dog runs, the next morning anything that resembled thunder got barked at, so I started him on some Crisis Calm essence and also put some in an Atomiser bottle and sprayed him and the other dogs, so they were all the same.

By lunch time and a few doses later [every time he barked] he was pretty good.

Later on when I filled their water dishes I put some in and also misted their runs, I am sure the older dogs were grateful as well as they don’t like the storms much, but they don’t bark all night, [Wispa take note, Kirrah and Sy like their sleep].

I misted their runs that night as well and left a bottle over at the runs and didn’t need to go over and give an extra dose.

I have used flower essences for many years in the water bowls, especially if the storm season is around and I have to go out, and misting works well too.

Meta Robins – October 2009

Anne is a client that I have been treating for some time; she had a marriage breakdown about four years ago and has suffered with depression, various physical ailments as well as a very poor body image, low self esteem, a broken heart and was not able to stand up for herself anymore.

We decided that she would take Bleeding Heart as a single essence; Body Love and Woman Worth were also given to her.

She takes Bleeding Heart twice a day and Body Love and Woman Worth she takes on a rotating basis or whatever bottle she feels that she is drawn to at any particular time. Sometimes she still has to have dealings with her now ex- husband and I had given her Crisis Calm, which she takes before having to have dealings with her ex- husband.

The next time she saw me she has reported that she doesn’t have any feeling for her ex-husband at all, even finding him repulsive. There had been some ‘cutting remark’ made by him and she stood up for herself and actually told him a few ‘home truths’ and constantly told me how amazed she was as she has never stood up to him before, as she has been a previous client I know this has been the case and she had many other essences from me since the break-up. She has been under weight since the break-up and has been constantly under medical supervision for adjustments to prescribed medication. At her last visit, a little over a month has passed and she has also gained weight, reports that she is enjoying food again [sometimes] and she is feeling better about herself. This is starting to show in her appearance as well.

At this point in time she wants to stay on Body Love and Woman Worth and has another Bottle of Crisis Calm. She is still taking them on the basis of the one she is drawn to at any given time, I do not feel that there needs to be a structured way for her to take them as it is also giving her choices and teaching her to listen to her intuition. She also has decided to have a bottle of Vital Energy. A lot of symptoms that she has would be very similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so with this added to her collection, she is looking forward with much more optimism, instead of just ‘going through the motions’.

I am pleased with her progress and look forward to our next visit.

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Sarah is a 30yr old new mum and she has a long history of allergies to foods and was consequently brought up in a very ‘smother love’ situation in her family home by her mother.

She has tried many prescribed medications for her allergies as well as some natural treatments, usually resulting in them ‘making her sick’, so she stops taking them.

Sarah was referred to me as she is breast feeding her baby and doesn’t want to take anything to jeopardise her feeding the baby or to affect the baby. She has been very tired with broken nights with the new bub.

I prescribed Lantana for the ‘smother love’ and the guilt that she feels as she can’t go running every time her mother wants her. Also Vital Energy to help with her energy levels and tiredness.

When I saw Sarah two weeks later she was really happy to report that a change had happened with the way she was with her mother and that she not longer felt obliged to try to see her mother. She felt she was able to go to her place with out fear of reprisal for not being there everyday. She even feels that she now likes to just ‘drop in’ sometimes. She is not so tired and has adopted a more comfortable routine with the baby and both of them are getting more sleep.

Sarah is in a situation where every second week, she and her partner have his two children from a previous marriage for a week, this has caused her some concern as she wants to be really confident with his children as well. I suggested Woman Worth which she took for over two weeks and she has been able to sit down with the oldest daughter and explain that she didn’t want to take her mother’s job, but she would like her to know that she would be her friend and if she had any concerns she could talk to her in confidence. This has worked really well and it seems as if the young girl has accepted Sarah on a different level now and they are both very comfortable with each other. That young girl asked Sarah about the essences and wanted something for stress, so she was given a bottle of Blue Mink and she has relayed to Sarah that she doesn’t feel so pressured now.

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This was presented as a long standing prolapse that at times can cause discomfort.

The Essences given were Acacia, Cassia and Dandelion after a couple of days of taking the essences a slight tugging was felt around the pelvic region, not so much uncomfortable but just noticeable, this continued for a few days. After a massage and adjustment it was brought to consciousness the extremely difficult time that was experienced when giving birth some 37 years previously as well as other things that were involved in the experience at that time. After then finishing the Essences there is very little sign of the prolapse and there has been no discomfort since then either.

Body Love was made into a mist bottle and has been sprayed around the pelvic region and lower back; there has been a history of lower back pain as well as damage to that region from an accident as well as from the birth experience all those years ago. Also a dose bottle was made and has been taken twice a day. The pain and discomfort has lessened to minimal after many years of being a constant pain or ache.


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Evelyn is a 45 year old woman who has been treated for re-occurring digestive problems, which causes weight gain and discomfort with gas. Lower back pain has been treated with Bowen Therapy and chiropractic-massage.

She has complaints about her body image now, which is bothering her because she has just started a new job as a manager and wants to present a good image to her staff. As this is a new system they are working with, it is often frustrating, with new staff adjustments, requiring her to put in extra hours at work as well as a lot of paperwork. This is making her very tired and then she has trouble sleeping when she does get to bed.

I prescribed Vital Energy for her which she takes to work and leaves on her desk to remind her to take when she is getting tired as well as Crisis Calm to help with the emotional aspects of her job.

I then prescribed Dandelion for her to help her liver and tiredness, Black Nightshade to help with body image, tiredness, Lomandra also for liver and to help with the co-operation aspects she needs with her new staff. This will also raise her immune levels, [to most things that go on].

After two weeks there have been dramatic changes both in her work and with her staff, who are now diving into her office to pinch her Crisis Calm whenever they need it.

She decided she would put a bottle of Crisis Calm, Vital Energy, Woman Worth and Body Love in the lunch room where they are all free to take them when ever they like. Fiona has put some little plastic shot glasses next to them and they put their drops in then add some water.

When she goes home on a Friday she takes whatever needs to be topped up and returns them on Monday. One female staff member was under review from Evelyn’s boss because of her attitude and Evelyn suggested she take Body Love and when he came back 10 days later her wanted to know what Evelyn had done to her as he said ‘it is like you have a different person working for you’. It looks as if she will keep her job.

Evelyn herself has reported that she is coping better and has not put on any further weight and at her last Bowen treatment, the therapist has noticed a change in her liver and spleen functions.

She likes the idea of having the other essences at work for her staff and she has even noticed the guys taking them, but she didn’t ask what one they were taking.

She is finding that she is getting into a better routine with her sleeping and not mulling over the day before she goes to sleep.

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