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Oprah’s speech to the Golden Globe awards powerfully voices the energy entering the planet that will no longer be held back. This is the Shift to the Divine Feminine that we have all been working towards and riding for years, on a wing and a prayer, is NOW manifesting into reality.

At last we see the cosmic intelligence behind Trump becoming President: he represents the worst expression of the toxic Divine Masculine. And through his bumbling narcissism, misogyny, raw greed and sexist outlook he has infected world consciousness with a pathogen that needs to be healed. AND the world recognises the need for healing and change, in plumbing the depths of the effects of his disordered thinking. We can hold in our hearts a prayer of gratitude to him for throwing up to world consciousness that which we do NOT want to see in a world leader, so that we can better see what we do want. And it is certainly not greed, denial, ‘wealth is power’, demeaning and self-serving utterances from a man with a mental and spiritual deficit.

We are, as a collective consciousness, now better able to see what values and dignified bearing we would like to see portrayed by our leaders so they lead us into a future, where human, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms are valued and employed with loving intention to share and conserve this beautiful planet for generations of life to come.

Let’s explore a little. Divine Masculine values, when perfectly balanced, manifest as hierarchical systems based on rationality. They foster exploration, absolute and directive rule the gaining of prestige and continual growth upwards and outwards. Such values were totally appropriate in a world seeking its own self-identity, conquering the unknown and expanding into fullness.

However, thanks to communication, technological and scientific advancements our world now has begun to shrink. We know nearly every square millimetre of the planet and have even mapped the heavens to a phenomenal degree. People in all walks of life and locations are informed and becoming more conscious through the benefit of knowledge. Hierarchical institutions that flourished under the ascendant Divine Masculine, including authoritarian political structures, the Churches and big corporations are being asked to come to account so that they function on a more level playing field where the common good is part of the vision for the future.

The values of the Divine Feminine are polar opposite to the above. The energy is ground-up rather than top-down, and the overarching values are connection, support, peace and the common good. The Divine Feminine is heart-centred rather than head-directed. So what we ‘feel’ is equally as important as what we think. For example, in formulating public health policy according to these values, rather than imposing an unfamiliar and scary health program on indigenous people unfamiliar with Western medical strategies, there may be a consultative process with the locals to find nodal points where traditional medicine can dovetail with western medical processes in an easy, effective and non-confronting way. The WHO has been recommending this approach since the Ottawa Charter way back in 1986, but many countries still have a top-down medial system that feeds on greed and profit for Big Pharma and undervalues grassroots input.

In a political sense, there is a North American Indian tribe that has had it right for a long time now. Under their system of tribal governance, both men and women are invited to sit in Council and contribute ideas and suggestions for the well-being of the tribe, but it is only women who are allowed to vote on the proposals. The justification for this law is that only women have the ability to recognise what impact today’s decision will have on the next seven generations of children. Powerful stuff, eh? A good question to ask today is, how many women do we have in the Legislative Assembly here in Australia, or in Trump’s inner circle? Or represented in top banking or corporate roles?

Now, I am not suggesting a world where women rule, but rather where the underlying energy of the Divine Feminine, that is biologically inscribed in women, but which men can also access through conscious choices, begins to get a look in. The Divine Feminine polarity (one of the two that underpin all of creation – the other is of course the Divine Masculine) has a value set that is inclusive, unlike that of the Divine Masculine that values singularity. Hence, in a balanced world, where the two polarities are being equally expressed, power-sharing is the norm and collective power is the most highly valued.

So our new world values choices from the heart, rather than just the head and we, at last, can allow our emotions to resurface and to be in delicate yet reciprocal harness with our rational self.

Just imagine if Oprah becomes President – she, a champion of the heart, intelligent way-shower and black woman!

We might see peace (real peace) on the table and the shrinking of the influence of big world powers such as Big Pharma, the munitions industry, corporate money-suckers and the automatic ownership of sexual entitlement. What if the world began to conserve resources, rather than expend, use the gifts that the planet offers, such as sustainability, natural intelligence and to value people as souls rather than capital?

If we continue to imagine it then perhaps the whispers for Oprah to be President will become roars, as the infectious energy of the Divine Feminine seeps into every corner of the planet to harmonises the existing imbalance, and we will see our vision manifest.

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