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This young five year old boy‘s case is relayed by his mother and we won’t use his name because of his age.

Apparently he is very clever young man, reading, doing grade two, maths and many other things well beyond his age group. A problem has become apparent since starting Prep: that he is different and he doesn’t want to be. He displays this by’ hanging out’ only with the kids that want to play and do nothing else. He has become very serious and not interested in anything.

Arrangements had been made for him to be tested as a ‘gifted child’ and he refused to do the work, playing dumb. Mum has been quite distressed with the situation as well.

I thought to try Milkweed and Pink Shamrock to see what it would trigger in him. On the next visit there had been a remarkable change in the young man as related by his mum of him ‘rolling around the floor laughing hysterically at apparently nothing’. A visit to the Circus with his father had much the same thing happening, to the extent that the patrons were hysterically laughing at his hysterical laughter.

For the next lot of essences I decided to go with Pink Shamrock again and added Macaranga and Milkweed. There has been given a bottle of Crisis Calm for sharing by the family.

Mum is considering trying to make arrangements for another assessment of his abilities.

His mother and father are also taking essences so they can all work through this together. It is a very rewarding process when the whole family decides to give it a go.

Meta Robins, October 2009

I trust that you all kept well out of the dust that recently choked the eastern seaboard of Australia with red tailings from the exposed uranium tailings left out in the open in the Woomera region, directly west, at the common latitudes of 30 – 32 degrees.

Sharing the Woomera location is Roxby Downs/Olympic Dam mines and Beverley mines and Honeymoon mines; heard of them? They outline an area containing the richest Uranium deposits in the World. Uranium is mined here.

Tonnes of ‘over-burden’ is removed to expose the Uranium bearing ore. The Uranium ore is crushed and treated in a primary refinery and made into ‘Yellow Cake’. Discarded crushed materials are heaped up and are known as ‘tailings’. Much of the dust blowing from these mountains of ‘tailings’, contains a high percentage of Uranium particles – highly radioactive particles of Uranium.
Tailings contain 80% of the radioactivity of the original ore and according to safety guidelines, must remain isolated from the environment for many thousands of years. What was never taken into account is the fact that the wind picks up these tailings and carries them for thousands of miles into populated regions where people, animal, plant and marine life are exposed and vulnerable.

Be careful when washing your vehicle and dusting your rooms – it is so fine that breathing in the toxicity is easy. Spray Pink Shamrock in the air to reduce the ill-effects of this man-made potential disaster.