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This was presented as a long standing prolapse that at times can cause discomfort.

The Essences given were Acacia, Cassia and Dandelion after a couple of days of taking the essences a slight tugging was felt around the pelvic region, not so much uncomfortable but just noticeable, this continued for a few days. After a massage and adjustment it was brought to consciousness the extremely difficult time that was experienced when giving birth some 37 years previously as well as other things that were involved in the experience at that time. After then finishing the Essences there is very little sign of the prolapse and there has been no discomfort since then either.

Body Love was made into a mist bottle and has been sprayed around the pelvic region and lower back; there has been a history of lower back pain as well as damage to that region from an accident as well as from the birth experience all those years ago. Also a dose bottle was made and has been taken twice a day. The pain and discomfort has lessened to minimal after many years of being a constant pain or ache.


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