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An auspicious event in the astrological calendar, the Venus Transit, is occurring on June 6th 2012. There is much excitement in scientific circles about this event, but it is its spiritual significance that will affect us all globally. Venus eclipsing the Sun represents a strengthening of the Divine Feminine energies to support a return to the lore of love as the driving force on our planet.

The transformation brought about by the showering of these beautiful Venusian energies will lead humanity into a higher spiritual path. What we can expect, as this wisdom settles into our consciousness, is a peaceful way of being that wants no part in war, aggression, killing and mutilating, environmental degradation, chaos, starvation and moral breakdown. These atrocities will be no longer tenable or even thinkable in the light of the new awareness that is being ushered onto the planet right now and magnified with this series of powerful astrological events.


Transits of Venus occur in pairs, eight years apart. The previous one was on 8th June 2004 and on June 6th 2012, the second in the current
pair of transits is occurring. There won’t be another transit until 2117, over a hundred years from now. The last pair of transits was in 1874 and 1882. During this time there was a call for women’s rights and Feminism was born.



Venus transits represent a greater focus on feminine energy and love being downloaded to us from the celestial realms. Venus rules love, values, self-worth, abundance, finances, harmony, beauty, the Arts, relaxation, pleasure, and sex.

The Dalai Lama has spoken about how women will save the earth – he refers to the fact that women have the Venusian qualities of connection, love, nurturing and support inscripted into their biology and how by allowing these qualities to come to the fore, we can help humankind transform to bring about a peaceful and loving society.

Women have been forced to take second place in the patriarchal society that has dominated Western culture over the past three thousand years. However, there are many recorded stories in Ancient Wisdom of women playing important roles as healers, goddesses, shamans, leaders and saviours.

It is this powerful Divine Feminine energy that is now coming into play at a Cosmic level – and bathing humanity in its transformative glow.

Women must come into their strength and take their turn at leading humankind into the New Light.

This does not mean that women will dominate men into subservience.  The energy of the feminine is about power-sharing, inclusion, connection and support, so it is more likely that men will feel empowered and willing to power-share, grateful that the responsibility which has rested so heavily on their shoulders, will be lightened and co-opted.

This re-emergence of the Divine Feminine is not an ending, but rather a necessary step towards ultimate balance, where the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine sit easily side-by-side to bring about peaceful co-existence on Earth, with the planet and with all her Kingdoms; human, plant, animal and mineral.

The Spirit of Woman Essence Blends that work towards loving ourselves and valuing who we are are Woman Worth and Body Love. You can read about both of these beautiful supportive essence blends if you click here.










Macaranga tanarius



Healing Challenges

  • For anxiety.
  • For women who love too much.
  • For women who confuse service with love.
  • For women who trade their life energy for security.
  • For being over-sensitive to criticism.
  • For co-dependency.
  • For energetically supporting weakened immunity, anaemia, allergic sensitivity.

Healing Outcomes

  • Assists in valuing the self – builds self-worth.
  • Brings a recognition that love receives as much as it gives.
  • Assists women to stand on their own feet.
  • Brings a healthy capacity to ignore criticism.
  • Energetically strengthens immunity, tonifies blood.


This tree belongs to the family Euphorbiaceae, which contains more than a thousand different varieties. All varieties have an unpleasant milky sap in common, which is usually poisonous.

It has flower-like arrangements, which are not flowers at all, but bracts or modified leaves surrounding a group of tiny, simple flowers. Both male and female flowers are held within the bracts.

A rainforest tree with green heart — shaped peltate leaves, it grows to six metres. It produces greenish clusters of flowers in panicles.

Macaranga are spreading shade trees, sheltering underlying vegetation from the searing sun.

Doctrine of Signatures

The flowers are deceptively small, and often overlooked in favour of the larger bracts that contain them and are easily mistaken for the flowers. Both male and female flowers are enclosed within the bracts. This essence is for feeling small within, while putting up a show or ‘front’ of bravado or being magnanimous. The outer bracts shake in the breeze, like the feeling of anxiety within the chest when we feel vulnerable or unsure.


Annie Meredith's Australian Wild Flower Essences Macaranga EssenceAnnie Meredith's Australian Wild Flower Essences Macaranga Essence

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black nightshade



Solanum nigrum






Healing Challenges

  • For difficulties with breast-feeding and aversion to breastfeeding.
  • For mother-child issues.
  • For poor body image, particularly related to the breasts.
  • For discomfort with being a female.
  • For constant tiredness and overwhelm
  • For inability to nurture oneself or others.
  • For energetically supporting digestive problems including constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach upsets, diabetes, liver problems, acne, skin blemishes and toxic skin conditions, breast cancer, mastitis and lowered immunity.

Healing Outcomes

  • Grants a sense of self-worth
  • Helps mother and child with feeding difficulties
  • Helps women to love their body, whatever the shape or size
  • Increases sexual enjoyment through enhanced self-image
  • Supports femininity and motherhood
  • Energetically supports the digestive system
  • Energetically assists with bowel problems and boosts immunity
  • Clarifies the skin, by energetically supporting detoxification of the liver, through the skin
  • Opens communication lines between mothers and children


Found in wooded areas as well as disturbed habitats, Black Nightshade is an annual plant of the tomato and potato family, Solanaceae. Its genus is Solanum and it is a native to Eurasia and introduced to the Americas and Australiasia. It grows to a height of 30–120 cm with leaves 4–7 cm ovate or heart-shaped with wavy or large-toothed edges.

It produces small, greenish to white star-like flowers, re-curved when aged that surround prominent yellow centres. The fruits are oval, dull, blackberries that hang in small clusters. The ripe seeds can be eaten, but the green or light purple immature berries contain the toxic alkaloid solanine, which is the poisonous principle in green potatoes.

The flavour of the ripe berry is sweet. Taken internally in small amounts, they will promote perspiration and purge the bowels. It is useful for diabetes. Black Nightshade is a highly effective tonic for the stomach and ulcers. Cooking destroys any trace of toxic substance in the berries and they are often used in pies and cakes. Black Nightshade is a highly valued herb for its nutritional support of the digestive system.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Black Nightshade is used for breast tumours and to alleviate fevers.

The fruit is also used as a cosmetic — it removes freckles.

The juice is used for fever and to allay pain. Large doses can cause poisoning that is not fatal. The juice is also used for skin problems and tumours.

Decoctions of the stalks, leaves and roots are good for wounds and canker.

An infusion of the plant is used for infants with abdominal upsets. According to Mrs. Grieve in her book, A Modern Herbal, published in 1931, the leaves are placed in the cradles of infants to promote sleep in Bohemia.

Green berries are recommended for herpes simplex while the leaves can be used as a poultice for ulcers or skin conditions.

It also has application for the liver and is used to support its function.

Doctrine of Signatures

The tiny star-shaped flowers are shaped like a nipple and breast — the white pulled-back petals appear as the curve of the breast while the yellow stamens in the centre look like a large nipple.

The distinct yellow colour at the centre directly relates to the Solar Plexus chakra, the human energy centre that is concerned with nourishment and the ability to self-nurture.

This centre also relates to self-esteem, particularly in regard to how well we have been nourished as an infant and through childhood.


Annie Meredith's Australian Wild Flower Essences Dandelion EssenceAnnie Meredith's Australian Wild Flower Essences Dandelion Essence







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Cassia Green










Cassia corymbosa

Healing Challenges

  • For feeling lost or incomplete.
  • For feeling alienated from oneself.
  • For soul depression.
  • For a victim mentality.
  • For feeling trapped in old patterns of behaviour.
  • For feeling dull and uninspired and lacking ideas.
  • For addictions to a substance, relationship, cause or life situation.
  • Energetically assists with constipation, diarrhoea, diverticulitis, polyps, twisted bowel and colon cancer.
  • For inability to ‘see’.

Healing Outcomes

  • For self- empowerment and confidence.
  • Strengthens the will.
  • Restores faith in oneself.
  • For optimism.
  • Brings clarity and new vision.
  • Assists in creating healing visualisations.
  • Strengthens the digestive system, works powerfully on the Liver, Gallbladder, Colon and Kidney.
  • The 'Wounded Healer’ remedy.
  • Eases ‘Saturn Return’ time in one’s life.
  • Energetically aids vision


Fast-growing shrubs from the old and new world, this particular variety is known as the Buttercup Tree and is characterised by butter- yellow clusters of 3.8 cm. (1.5 inches) flowers.

It flowers around Easter and is considered a weed in the sense that it grows on the borders of the re-growth frontier in tropical growth areas. It is a native of tropical America; however, there are several native Australian Cassias, more particularly suited to dry districts.

Doctrine of Signatures

The flower has three heart-shaped petals, which form the 'top' of the flower and two cup-like petals completing the circle, making up five petals in all.

From the centre, two yellow anthers looking like arms reach out in a supportive embrace, upholding the heart. Between these two, a single green stigma projects outwards and upwards, calling energy back to the heart.

At the very centre of the flower, a globe-like arrangement (reminiscent of an energy-saving globe) protrudes forward, topped by three miniature heart-shaped clusters that echo the heart-shaped petals directly above them.

The centre is green and the petals are a clear bright yellow.

This genus produces the senna pods of medicine, the properties of which are purgative. They prompt an urgent, complete bowel evacuation.


Annie Meredith's Australian Wild Flower Essences Cassia EssenceAnnie Meredith's Australian Wild Flower Essences Cassia Essence

For further discussion and case studies on Cassia, please purchase the book, Spirit of Woman Australian Wild Flower Essences Essences.


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