This is an email from Jane about her recent experience with Freckle Face:

I recently experienced an episode of workplace bullying from a registered nurse, in the nursing home I work in. I wasn’t the only one on the receiving end of her passive aggressive behaviour, everyone in our area of work was walking on egg shells. It culminated in an explosion of vexacious words on her part one day with her seemingly objective to have me reported to management. I felt i was being bullied because i was coping with the work load and initiating things she had missed and or bringing them to her attention.

Prior to a meeting with management, which I had been informed I could bring a witness along, but declined: I dowsed upon your essences and another for fear, and I have to tell you, the results were amazing. I made up a 15ml bottle and had a third of it before the meeting and carried the rest in my pocket during the meeting.

I stood up for myself, didn’t allow emotion to become involved and told the truth. I also felt confident in myself, which considering the day before I was a total wreck and in shock, was amazing. I was also unbelievably relaxed and calm considering the events.

The outcome was that I was treated with respect in the meeting, management moved the nurse to another area, and I have since been told she had stated to management that she was burnt out.

I now carry the remainder of that bottle of essence in my pocket every day I go to work and indirectly another good thing regarding the outcome of this event, is that I have now pushed on with my own flower essence business. I’m gradually building the business small steps at a time. The website is now finished and I’m more focused in where I’m going in life, and in my own abilities and standing up for myself.

Thank you Annie.

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One Response to Talking softly but assertively with Freckle Face

  1. good you stood uo for yourself in our society(sorry to say) we have alot of people out there that get off on throwing their weight around and intimidating others im just glad that things worked out for you now instead of burning you out with her bullying she’s the one being burnt out ……like they say what comes around goes around

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