Apostle Plant





Neomarica gracilis



Healing Challenges: 

  • Closed to change, scared to make a move
  • Stuck in a 3D reality, imbalanced
  • Spiritual void
  • Can’t let go of old beliefs and values, stagnant attitude, stuck in mind and body,
  • Harbours a death wish expressed through unbalanced living,
  • Competitive, ego-driven personality
  • Beneficial in diseases of:
    • oedema, particularly in the lower half of the body,
    • gyneacological conditions including menstrual pain, endometriosis, infertility due to excess weight and congestion,
    • bowel conditions such as constipation, piles, anal fissure and diverticulitis,
    • painful, stiff knees and ankles, swollen feet,
    • weight problems
    • inflexibiility of the body in general

Healing Outcomes:

  • Brings balance in life-style and attitudes
  • Assists in moving forward gracefully in one’s life and walking one's talk
  • Helpful when going through major life transitions, benefits agility and flexibility
  • Helps move through physical and emotional blocks,shedding 'old skin' and programming
  • Opens to spiritual truth of ‘as above-so below’, to channelling and assists in speaking our spiritual wisdom
  • Helpful in moving through the Shift of the Ages to fulfill our Higher Purpose
  • Supports embracing the emerging Divine Feminine principles of co-operation, net-working, caring and humanitarian and environmental concern.


‘Apostle Plant’ or ‘Walking Iris’ is a beautiful iris with glossy arching green sword shaped leaves, and attractive blue and white flowers.

It belongs to a genus of 16 species of plants in the family Iridiceae. The genus name is derived form the Greek words neo meaning 'new' and Marica, the Roman nymph. Herbaceous perennial plants, they propagate by way of a thick rhizome and new plantlets that develop from the stem where flowers once emerged. The plants grow erect and have long slender sword-like leaves. They produce very fragrant flowers that last a short period of time, often only hours, but multiple blooms will come from the same stem in rapid succession. The flowers emerge from what appears to be just another leaf but is really a flower stalk structured to look like the other leaves. After pollination, the new plantlet appears where the flower emerged and the stalk continues to grow longer. The weight of the growing plantlet causes the stalk to bend towards the ground, allowing the plantlet to root away from its parent. This is how it obtained its common name of 'Walking Iris"

The other name “Apostle Plant” or “Twelve Apostles” appears to come from the belief either that the plant won’t flower until it has 12 leaves (which is probably about right), or the appearance of the plant, with the flower (ie “Jesus”) appearing from the centre of the 12 or so fanned out leaves (ie, “the Apostles”).

Walking Iris flowers from spring to late summer, and likes full sun to light shade. 

Doctrine of Signatures:

Neo – new and marcia – nymph or maiden

Gracilis – gracefully

The flowers are 5 – 10 cm diameter and comprise of 3 large white fleshy petals at the base, which have a strong pattern, like an imprinted code, at the base of the petal where it joins the stem. Rising above are three outward curled petals, resembling a curled tongue, which have a repeat of the imprinted code at the base and sides and a bright purple and white repeated pattern through the centre and out to the end of the petals. Two spots of gold adorn the upper curve of the petal giving the appearance of an upright cobra with bright glittering eyes, long associated symbolically with spiritual wisdom. Rising from the middle of the flower is the stamen, which resembles a white bright pillar, geometric and crystalline in shape, like a column of incoming energy or a crystal wand, similar to that used in healing practices to channel healing energy.

The flower’s markings reflect 'as above, so below' and seem to express the phenomenon of 'channelling' of information as high frequency energy coming into the planet to be received by those 'awake' enough to read, decipher and then pass on the information. It seems to directly target those on the planet at the moment known as Light Workers, whose spiritual wisdom and understanding enables them to inform and guide those less aware to assist the transition through these difficult times to the New Golden Age, said to be in the wings for evolving humanity.

That this beautiful and ephemeral-looking flower is so transitory in appearance seems to imply the increasing speed at which old information is being over-turned in favour of newer understandings about the nature of Life and the spiritual purpose of humanity.  This is evidenced by a rapid increase in the healing arts and the proliferation of New Age wisdom wherever we look, in many societies around the globe at present. Crystals, as symbolized at the crown of the flower, are finally being accepted as amazing healing tools, as they were in civilizations past.

The 'walking' habit of the plant suggests the notion of moving forward 'gracefully' (named Neomarica gracilis) in response to our innate evolutionary drive for higher and higher states of awareness. It does this by enabling us to move forward with ease and grace through an ‘emotional block’ or issue. For example, in healing a past relationship it allows us to become aware of the unhealed aspects from a different vibrational level and to move through them to resolution and gratitude to the other for a lesson well learnt. It brings grace to the situation.

This unique growing pattern also seems to refer to the passing on of higher wisdom to the next generation. It reproduces an entirely new plant independent of its parent while still being nourished by ancestral energy direct from the stem of the parent, as it grows. Surely this is the hallmark of wise parenting: giving our children freedom of thought and direction, whilst still supporting them until they can stand independently on their own two feet. In so doing, we trust that they will grow a consciousness free from conditional programming and the distortion of their own soul’s purpose. The name Neomarica – new maiden or nymph – is another strong indicator that adds strength to this healing property.

Apostle Plant is certainly a plant that fosters new and consciousness-expanding information coming through from higher realms to the next generation and for the New Age of humanity. The cobra-like image is reminiscent of the Kundalini rising, a phenomenon that appears to be happening on a global basis to our human family as we embrace the new incoming Divine Feminine energies flooding into the planet from the higher dimensions and identified as The Shift of the Ages.