Bleeding Heart 





Omalanthus populifolius



Healing Challenges

  • For deep sadness and loss.
  • For deep hurt and pain.
  • For those who pine for love.
  • For those who fall in love with the unattainable.
  • For those who put a wall around the heart.
  • For co-dependency.
  • Fear of loving again.
  • For energetically supporting heart disease, poor immunity, and sluggish circulation.

Healing Outcomes

  • Helps to resolve grief and loss.
  • Comforts those in pain.
  • Quiets the hungry heart.
  • Brings discernment in selecting a partner
  • Opens the heart to true love.
  • Enables love of the self.
  • Encourages risk-taking.
  • Energetically assists the heart, supports the immune-compromised and aids circulation.


A fast-growing rainforest tree, belonging to the family, Euphorbiaceae, it grows to a height of 2–5m and 2–4m wide. It has leaves shaped like hearts. As they are dying, the leaves turn red, thus the name. They make a good shade tree and are tolerant of low light conditions.

The minute, cream flowers grow in dense, terminal, slender racemes.

It pops up everywhere in perfect weather conditions, but wilts and dies quickly once ‘the heat is on.’

It has greenish berries that attract birds.

Doctrine of Signatures

This tree is extremely fast growing as if it is in a hurry, like those who fall in and out of love at the drop of a hat, desperately seeking what they feel a relationship should be offering them.

The leaves are distinctly heart-shaped and just before they fall off the tree, they turn to a brilliant and dramatic red colour. Called Bleeding Heart, the tree’s growing habit reminds one of the drama and intensity that goes with the break-up of a relationship — painful memories, hurt and grief, making the heart bleed.


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