Commelina diffusa 


Healing Challenges

  • For negative expression.
  • For naiveté and lack of sensitivity in communicating with others.
  • For constant self-criticism.
  • For the person who engages in malicious and hurtful gossip with awareness.
  • For addictions to a substance, relationship, cause or life situation.
  • Energetically assists with constipation, diarrhoea, diverticulitis, polyps, twisted bowel and colon cancer.
  • Energetically aids vision.

Healing Outcomes

  • Assists coherent expression of thoughts, ideas and feelings.
  • Encourages meaningful interactions and conversations.
  • For helping to guard one's self-talk.
  • For integrity in speaking about others.
  • Protects the 'wind-gate' – filters the thoughts we pick up from the ethers.
  • Opens to channeling from the Higher Self, when public speaking or teaching.
  • Unblocks creative expression.


A soft-stemmed creeper, it is also known as Scurvy Weed because the early settlers used it to ward off scurvy. Today it is commonly known as a weed in the gardens of tropical and subtropical areas; it is found also on creek banks and in moist forests, particularly on the edge, as it loves the sun.

The creeping stems, roots at the nodes, have broad grass-like leaves.

The spectacular three-petaled bright, blue flowers shimmer and sparkle in the sun. The petals flare out from the centre in a heart shape, with three gold-tipped stamens arising from the centre.

The flowers come out in pairs, with one emerging first and coming to full flower, then the other bud begins to open. The petals close over when the sun goes behind clouds.

Doctrine of Signatures

There are three blue petals. The number three represents the trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost in the old order, but in the new Mind-Body paradigm it stands for mind, body, spirit — the three interconnected aspects that make up the whole being.

This plant is a creeper. It survives best by growing close to the ground. However, the bright, sparkling blue flowers sit up as if they want to be noticed. It is as if the flower is drawing attention to the connection between the mind-body-spirit, notifying the physical aspect to be conscious of the interrelationship.

The stunning blue, with its iridescent shimmer, is like the electric blue of the energetic template that guides the process of matter (the physical) into being.

The three gold-tipped, white stamens are like antennas, bringing in information from higher frequencies, ensuring perfection in form.

The petals are heart-shaped representing the Spirit component. This essence represents the point of balance between the Mind, or Higher Self (represented by the upper three centres) and the Body or Lower self (represented by the three lower centres) that occurs at the level of the heart. It is as if the petals grant the balance between Mind and Body that brings heart-felt contentedness when the two aspects are in resonance.


Annie Meredith's Australian Wild Flower Essences Commelina EssenceAnnie Meredith's Australian Wild Flower Essences Commelina Essence
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