Stypandra glauca







Stypandra glauca


Your Healing Challenges

  • For feelings of being trapped or limited in one's life, inability to plan ahead
  • Can't make a decision or see options
  • Ignores one's intuition and inner voice
  • Myopically focusing on one part of a problem, limited vision
  • Blinkered reality, 'head in the sand' attitude
  • Fear of 'psychic gifts'
  • For limited vision, myopia, glaucoma, onset of blindness
  • For sore, red, dry or gritty eyes. migraines.

Your Healing Outcomes

  • Attunes us to our soul's purpose
  • Can 'see' what needs to be done to self-heal or transform 
  • Stimulates the 'aha' moment, encourages epiphany, bringing new insights and inner wisdom through dreams and symbolism
  • Seeks creative solutions in resolving challenges
  • Brings a shine to the eye and revitalises the spirit 
  • Opens psychic vision, aids visualisation
  • Sees the bigger picture and a new perspective
  • Encourages new perceptions or ways of seeing the world
  • Aids vision, visualisation and goal-setting.


This beautiful little flower essence is made from a tufted perennial grass that has been corroborated as Australia's own native lily. It belongs to the Phormiaceae family and can be found anywhere in Australia except for the Northern Territory and Tasmania. It is claimed that juices from the crushed berry can be applied to wounds to promote healing.

Shrub-like in appearance, it is a multi-stemmed tufted plant with long leaves that hug the stem. Generally blue-green in colour older leaves turn black, giving the plant a striking look. On slender stalks the attractive blue/purple flowers have stunning gold filaments set in a circle and face downwards towards the earth.

Doctrine of Signatures

The small but dramatic flowers are blue/purple in colour with a ring of prominent yellow/golden filaments that project downwards as if ready to alight on a landing pad below. They give the appearance of a space ship about to land, with its landing gear poised ready for touchdown. A single long purple anther points downwards through the centre of the ring of filaments.

The striking blue/purple of the corona of petals bears a resemblance to the body of the craft, but can be seen as symbolic of a body of information from the higher dimensional reality that is ready for download into the lower dimensional planes. The filaments appear as golden shafts of light bringing wisdom and consciousness to the planet. The central purple anther seems like a proboscis set to penetrate the aura of a person, injecting information from on high and opening a portal for spiritual truths to be downloaded, bringing a new perspective to what is seen or perceived.

The name comes from the Greek words:

Stype – tow and waste flax and andra – male, referring to the appearance of the beaded stamens

Glaucaglaukos bluish, referring to the foliage.

In Greek mythology, Glaucus was a mortal who was transformed into a sea-god after eating a magical herb. He was described as a blue-skinned merman, with copper-green hair and a serpentine fish-tail in place of legs.

Glaucus of Anthedon in Boeotia, was a fisherman, who had the good luck to eat a part of the divine herb (the ever-living, imperishable grass) which Cronos had sown, and which made Glaucus immortal.

As a mortal, he was said to have been a clever diver, to have built the ship Argo, and to have accompanied the Argonauts as their steersman. In the sea-fight of Jason against the Tyrrhenians, Glaucus alone remained unhurt; he sank to the bottom of the sea, where he was visible to none save to Jason. From this moment he became a marine deity, and was of service to the Argonauts.

There was a belief in Greece that once in every year Glaucus visited all the coasts and islands, accompanied by marine monsters, and gave his prophecies. Fishermen and sailors paid particular reverence to him, and watched his oracles, which were believed to be very trustworthy. The place of his abode varies in the different traditions, but Aristotle stated that he dwelt in Delos, where, in conjunction with the nymphs, he gave oracles; for his prophetic power was said by some to be even greater than that of Apollo, who is called his disciple in it.

The sea is a powerful symbol for the innate wisdom of intuition. In this myth Glaucus lived in the sea (his intuition) and the people benefitted from his prophecies (his ability to see the bigger picture). The mythical story of Glaucus symbolically tells us about elevation to god-hood (our capacity for all-seeing wisdom) after taking up residence under the sea (when we take heed of our deep intuitive understanding).

The flowers of Stypandra Glauca always face downwards to the earth as if they look to the depths for inspiration.

At the same time the flowers give the appearance of space-craft beaming down from above. The purple re-curved petals seem to be the repository of a higher wisdom specifically directing their energy downwards to the mere mortals below. It is as if it were a spotlight creating a vast enlightening energy pool below, delineated by the circle of golden filaments and focusing downwards, as if directing us to look inwards for our wisdom.

The sixth chakra (the Third Eye) corresponds to the development of enlightened insight that is a blend of higher wisdom with deep intuition. This essence works on the Third Eye, opening it to greater perceptions and a more expanded over-view. It assists us in rising above the petty ‘blind spots’ that blinkered vision can bring, limiting our life-choices, restricting our relationships and blinding our soul to its life purpose. It enables us to see our place in the wider world as well as the bigger picture in relation to humanity’s evolutionary progress.

This essence works on the vision, both inner and outer, bringing clarity, awareness and recognition of higher truths. It can trigger ‘aha’ moments, allowing us to see the pathological patterns that cripple and limit us in our life in a flash of insight often accompanied a deep belly-laugh as we recognize past misperceptions and limitations.

Coupled with Apostle Plant it provides a soul-map for moving forward gracefully through change and transformation, so that we come up to speed in the evolution of our soul. And it sheds light on the path to tread in order to participate in taking individual responsibility for humanity’s role in care-taking our beautiful planet.

It also helps those who are fearful of their psychic abilities or for those who wish to develop them. It is excellent for natural practitioners and healers.

With recognized healing qualities, one web source ( says the juice from crushed stems applied to wounds promotes healing, this beautiful essence is truly an ‘essence of the moment’. Increasingly, we are being required to step up to the mark to keep up with the rapid changes over-throwing our way of life.

In spiritual terms this time we are in is known as The Shift and the dramatic changes to the old ways of doing and being are perceived as necessary to herald in the new consciousness that is sweeping humanity, demanding new ways of being.

It is in this environment that we are being required to seek our own guiding star and moral compass to navigate the unknown waters of rapid change. Rising from our deep inner knowing and linked with a profound understanding of the unchanging Laws of Heaven, the soul charts its own course. Seeing Eye taps into our innate capacity to embrace enlightenment and ‘clear-seeing’ allowing us to plan our way forward under the guidance of our Soul Purpose so that we take our place in the new order. new perceptions or ways of seeing the world


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