Freckle Face







Hypoestes sanguinolenta


Healing Challenges

  • For communication difficulties.
  • For fear of speaking out.
  • Guilt for using shrill or harsh words.
  • For speaking with a forked tongue.
  • For frustration that one’s needs are not being heard.
  • For discomfort with silence.
  • For feeling constantly criticised.
  • For parent / child conflict especially during adolescence.

Healing Outcomes

  • For ease in communicating one’s needs.
  • For a sense of safety in expressing oneself.
  • For communicating with loving kindness.
  • Elicits truthful communication.
  • For feeling loved and supported.
  • Brings the awareness that words are not the only means of communication.
  • Smoothes parent-child interaction.


Belonging to the Acanthaceae family, Hypoestes sanguinolenta, or Freckle Face, is a plant highly valued for its foliage. Its flowers are insignificant, but the brilliantly colored leaves are the most noticeable aspect of this attractive indoor or outdoor plant. It grows to a height of 15 – 45 cm spreads from 15 – 30 cm. It blooms in mid-summer and its flower is considered inconspicuous for the garden lover.

The leaves of this variety are deep green with vivid random pink spots that call out for attention. It is named Freckle Face or Polka Dot plant for the spotty leaves.

It produces small, brilliant magenta-coloured flowers that make a striking contrast against the deep green background of the leaf.

It grows in a cushion, mound or clump, starting out rounded and getting taller and more upright as the season goes on.

It likes some sun, which increases its variegation, but it can tolerate lower levels of light. In tropical climates, it can be grown outdoors, but must be grown in a shady location, as full outdoor sun will kill it.

Doctrine of Signatures

The bright magenta, tiny flower grows high on the stem as it is lengthening out and reaching upwards in the latter phase of its growth. It looks like a wide-open mouth issuing a projectile stream from its depth. It has a top petal, appearing as the upper lip, which curls back towards the stem. It is truncated, with three lobes like three thick fingers pointing back towards the self. The lower petal sits underneath, giving the appearance of a wide-open jaw. From between the two comes a long, straight stamen that gives the appearance that something is issuing from the mouth with force.


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