Red Kamala









Malotis phillipensus 

Healing Challenges

  • For frigidity.
  • For menstrual pain, and infertility.
  • For shame, fear and guilt around sexuality.
  • For shame around masturbation.
  • For loss of interest in a sexual partner, particularly following birth.
  • For low or absent libido.
  • For fear of movement and a feelings of stiffness.
  • For creative blocks.
  • For low back pain, aching legs, oedema in the ankles and bladder problems.

Healing Outcomes

  • The Wild Woman essence.
  • Assists women to get in touch with their capacity for pleasure.
  • Grants freedom from sexual guilt.
  • Renews stale relationships.
  • The aphrodisiac essence, it kindles sexual excitement and passion.
  • Enhances flexibility.
  • Eases back pain, balances fluids.
  • Enlivens and inspires musicians and artists.


A tall tree belonging to the Euphorbia family, it grows to 17 metres. The branches are slender with pale bark, and the younger ones are covered with dense reddish-brown fine hair covering. The leaves are ovate, longer than broad, three-ribbed at the base, are glandular and also covered with a fine reddish-brown underneath. The yellow flowers are inconspicuous when seen from afar. The flowers are dioecious; that is, male and female flowers are on different plants of the same species.

The female flowers are on short spikes attached directly to the stem. Each flower is on a stalk within a cluster. The flowers are not petaled, but have many delicate stamens with pure white filaments. They open in sequence, along a raceme that stands upright at the growing tip of the branch.

Male flowers are found on longer stalks that attach directly to the stem. In the centre are one or sometimes two bright red anthers.

The bark is a deep red, hence the name of the tree, Red Kamala. When cut, the sap flows abundantly. The seed capsules are clothed with a deep, red glandular substance. This is used in India as a dye for silk, and known commercially by its name Kamala, bearing the same name as the tree.

Doctrine of Signatures

A detailed look at these beautiful flowers reveals the image of a swirling dancer. The little buds appear on a raceme and burst into flower, splitting as if unclothing. They appear as a stunning display of tiny flowers, like ballerinas, row upon row with their tutus flying in a choreographed dance.

The seed appears as a three-lobed ball-shaped capsule with reddish-brown dense pubescence (dense or fine hair indicating sexual readiness).

The tree has a renowned affinity with red; underneath the leaves are red and glandular, the sap flows richly and red and the pubescence, or fine hairs growing on the seed capsules, is a dusky red colour.

Annie Meredith's Australian Wild Flower Essences Red Kamala EssenceAnnie Meredith's Australian Wild Flower Essences Red Kamala Essence

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