Snail Vine







Phaseolus caracalla


Healing Challenges


  • For infertility, whether female or male.
  • For the frustration and disappointment of repeated IVF failure.
  • For frigidity and impotence.
  • For confusion over sexual preference – feeling repulsed by men.
  • For inability to enjoy sex, intimacy and touch.
  • For being unable to initiate a sexual encounter.

Healing Outcomes

  • Energetically stimulates fertility in females.
  • Energetically normalises sperm production in males.
  • Encourages sexual enjoyment, and enhances sexual satisfaction.
  • Helps in determining sexual preference.
  • Energetically assists couples on IVF, with successful conception and implantation.
  • Assists in restoring body energy.


A decorative, evergreen, twining climber with soft green foliage and curiously twisted, pea-like flowers in shades of purple, white and yellow. The flowers have a delightful perfume and are produced from mid-summer to early autumn.

Caracalla means that it comes from Caracas, in Venezuela. A fast-growing, twining perennial vine, it attracts butterflies with fragrant flowers from mid-summer into autumn. The five-centimetre blooms have upper petals that contort and bend backwards, with the elongated keel coiled in four or five spirals like a corkscrew or snail. The flowers are quite fragrant and are mostly pollinated by ants. The roots are used in Mexico to make an exciting alcoholic drink called batari.

It is a vigorously growing vine, clinging sensually to whatever form supports it.

Doctrine of Signatures

The purple colour represents spirit precipitating into matter.

The flower is shaped curiously, looking like the male and female sex organs rolled into one. The penis is represented by a phallic-shaped keel, which arises from underneath and curls up between two labial-looking outer petals. When an insect lands on the yellow-tipped, clitoris-shaped mound on one of the outer petals, the ‘penis’ extends, producing a sticky pollen-covered anther and touches the ‘clitoris’ mound with its tip.


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