Swamp Lily






Crinium pendunculatum



Your Healing Challenges

  • For tiredness and exhaustion.

  • For feeling weighed down by responsibility.

  • For the urge to escape the every-day drudgery of family life and commitment.

  • For feeling torn between one's own needs and the needs of the family.

  • For feeling like a servant.

  • For feeling dried up with weariness.

  • For energetic support during and after repeated failure at the implantation stage of IVF assisted reproduction.

Your Healing Outcomes

  • Brings the strength to "hold the place" at the centre of the family.

  • For endurance and calm when facing trauma within the family or with a family member.

  • For renewing commitment to family.

  • For attention to one’s needs for nurturing and consideration.

  • For a sense of revitalization and re-energizing and re-moisturising.

  • Energetically secures the foetus during IVF implantation.


A large bulbous perennial plant to three metres, flowers white, this variety belongs to the commonly cultivated exotic species that includes ten kinds, capable of existing under a wide range of conditions. They are perennial bulbous herbs with tough, fleshy leaves, some of which die down each year while the others remain evergreen. This largest variety has large leaves on a thick stem, with a large head of flowers on a long stem.

They take a number of years to reach the flowering stage. Once mature, flowering occurs in late spring and summer. They grow from seed and are readily transplanted.

While found in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, a common name for Crinium pendunculatum in the Queensland region is Brisbane Lily.

Doctrine of Signatures

The single flowering stem rises up through the middle of the plant as if rising from a very strong foundation. The flowering head is made up of a number of flowers, each of which has six petals (the number six represents domestic harmony), one stamen and six anthers. The petals are pure white with a moist fleshy look expressing a succulence and sweetness that attracts attention. The stamen and anthers are purplish-blue, like congealed blood, and they ooze a sweet liquid that attracts ants to fertilise them. The ants love to congregate in the central well where the liquid gathers, supping away to their heart’s content. It is as if the flower creates a deep, sweet centre where life is busy and nourishing, just as a woman is the centre of familylife, representing all that is sweet for her children.

They grow on the southern side of her land, the yin (the female principle) side, and get only the morning sun . It is as if this is the best time of day for them, like the woman who gets up early to get household tasks done when her energy is high.


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